Got the motorcycle engine overhauled

On Saturday I finally got my motorcycle’s engine overhauled. It’s been a long time since I first felt the need to get it done, however due to financial and other constraints I had been unable to do so till last Saturday.

Initially I wanted to get it done in the official service center of Bajaj Auto, however their main mechanic who happens to be the person who has serviced my motorcycle for the majority of the time, wanted to make a quick buck. So out went the idea of getting the bike overhauled in the Bajaj Service Center and in came the prospect of getting it fixed at the road side.

This decision was made due to the fact that the service center I normally take my motorcycle to, had stopped fixing Bajaj Pulsar 180’s due to a directive from Bajaj Auto who thought it would be wise to limit the service centers for their premium bikes to a chosen few. They were willing to fix my motorcycle despite that; however they didn’t have any parts for the 180. And since I wasn’t willing to get her serviced from any other service center, due to the fact that Bagga Link had screwed her engine once.

All of the above circumstances dictated profit for the regular mechanic and while I wasn’t that willing, thinking at least my bike will be fixed properly I agreed.

So on the sunny Saturday morning I went to the place where the mechanics fixes motorcycles when he isn’t in the service center. He had already gotten most of the parts and thus began operation overhaul.

Slowly but steadily the engine bits came off:

Taking off the head

Lifting the cylinder block

Old piston attached to the crank



Clutch cover opened and piston detached

After the piston was detached my doubts were cleared, my bikes engine had seized twice in June 2005 while I was coming back from Rohru. This might have happened due to the fact it was in the middle of the afternoon in the hot month of June and the fact that I was continuously ridding at over 110kmph and also the fact that one of rocker arms had some issue.

Here are couple of photos of the seized piston:

In the end we ended up changing more parts then we had thought initially, here is a list of the parts that were changed.

1. Piston and rings

2. Cylinder block

3. Timing chain

4. Timing Guide

5. Clutch Plates

6. Pressure Plates

7. Clutch hub

8. Wheel Clutch

9. Valves

10. Rocker Arms

11. Air filter

12. Spark plug

13. Engine oil

14. Head decarbed

And lots of seals and packings and few small parts and rest of the bike was serviced. Total bill came to be Rs. 4020 (roughly US $ 92), Rs. 3720 for the parts and Rs. 300 as labor. I guess the whole job did end up costing a little cheaper than what it would have been had I got it done from the service center, not to mention the mechanic would have been the same and wouldn’t have been that happier servicing my motorcycle.

Now the bike is feeling peppy and rev happy, although I haven’t yet started ripping her. Right now I am trying to keep the speed at 50kmph – 65kmph (3000-4500rpm) in the fifth gear. And will do so until the trip in May.


  1. Sir I am brought secondend Bajaj pulsar 150cc 2006 modal but it produces more sound and sudden low acceleration during running even after changing the engine oil the sound is coming. . What can I do for that..

  2. Seems to be quite an old article but still helped me a great deal.

  3. Arvinder Singh says:

    Sir I have platina 100 cc (2008). It’s been driven 90000 km now whem last week I went to mechanic for routine service I found there was no engine oil . Mechanic said ring piston and stuff(maybe engine) needs to get repaired.I heard that once engine gets opened it wouldn’t be durable and powerful as original and i wont be able to drive it more than 60 kmph. Is it true.???.so I’m confused what to do now. Please let me know the right way.Thanks

  4. I have changed piston head for my p220 recently due to low oil and for how many kms I should go slow.
    ? Can I drive up to 6000rpm..?

  5. vinod manne says:

    i have pulser 200 dtsi, 2008 model,it ran 45000,recently there was sound coming from engine as of something was broken inside,but my bike was running smooth,for that i had to overhaul engine & rebore the block, changed the piston with new one.Due to re bore of engine block i was riding my bike below was running smooth,but after 4 day again there was wiered sound coming from engine while in ideal engine running (neutral gear).for that i changed the engine block with new one.

    please suggest me
    1) at what speed should i ride my bike and for how many km?
    2) the ride is not smooth, is it becoz of New engine block?
    3) feeling vibrations while changing gears & applying foot break? is it normal after engine overhaul
    4) after how many km my bike will run smooth?

  6. hi,
    my bike is having engine noise. I went to local mechanic and he told 5 to 7k. Service center @ ecity told 13k while @ whitefield told 9k. My friend told to go to cASTROL BIKE POINT. He told engine boar cost will be min 6k. so this seems to be a nice choice as against the local mechanic. This is good shop similar to service center and price was good. He sounded gunuine as well. But he told after opening the bike, he can finally tell the final estimate depending upon damage. He told today it will cost 15k and i was shocked asit is more than service center. But finally i contacted a good local mechanic and he told bring the bike on a vehicle here , he will do in 10k min. This local guy also sounded genuine. I got better to go with Castrol guy as he has anyways opened the engine.

    WE shall always put the best engine oil to avoid these issues. In my case, it was because i strated travelling long distance since last month and even though service and new oil, the oil went empty after 1000 kms in a month. I ripped the bike and noise came up. This is bcoz the service guy put general castrol oil as against castrol power on. Power on lasts for 2000kms against 800 in other generics. If i would have checked, i wouldnt be paying 15k. The other mistake i kept driving the bike for 2 more weeks at 50kmph. else the cost would have lesser.

  7. Can you share the name, workshop address and number of the mechanic?

  8. dr.shantanu says:

    I have pulsar 200 model 2008 . it’s being start problem I repair it 5/6time but after some time bike again shut down and no work, would you tell me which one problem is bike,when I try to start bike it’s a loud sound and bike don’t start. I can’t take my bike your adress because it’s too far from delhi did you tell me any advice

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