Got the motorcycle engine overhauled

On Saturday I finally got my motorcycle’s engine overhauled. It’s been a long time since I first felt the need to get it done, however due to financial and other constraints I had been unable to do so till last Saturday.

Initially I wanted to get it done in the official service center of Bajaj Auto, however their main mechanic who happens to be the person who has serviced my motorcycle for the majority of the time, wanted to make a quick buck. So out went the idea of getting the bike overhauled in the Bajaj Service Center and in came the prospect of getting it fixed at the road side.

This decision was made due to the fact that the service center I normally take my motorcycle to, had stopped fixing Bajaj Pulsar 180’s due to a directive from Bajaj Auto who thought it would be wise to limit the service centers for their premium bikes to a chosen few. They were willing to fix my motorcycle despite that; however they didn’t have any parts for the 180. And since I wasn’t willing to get her serviced from any other service center, due to the fact that Bagga Link had screwed her engine once.

All of the above circumstances dictated profit for the regular mechanic and while I wasn’t that willing, thinking at least my bike will be fixed properly I agreed.

So on the sunny Saturday morning I went to the place where the mechanics fixes motorcycles when he isn’t in the service center. He had already gotten most of the parts and thus began operation overhaul.

Slowly but steadily the engine bits came off:

Taking off the head

Lifting the cylinder block

Old piston attached to the crank



Clutch cover opened and piston detached

After the piston was detached my doubts were cleared, my bikes engine had seized twice in June 2005 while I was coming back from Rohru. This might have happened due to the fact it was in the middle of the afternoon in the hot month of June and the fact that I was continuously ridding at over 110kmph and also the fact that one of rocker arms had some issue.

Here are couple of photos of the seized piston:

In the end we ended up changing more parts then we had thought initially, here is a list of the parts that were changed.

1. Piston and rings

2. Cylinder block

3. Timing chain

4. Timing Guide

5. Clutch Plates

6. Pressure Plates

7. Clutch hub

8. Wheel Clutch

9. Valves

10. Rocker Arms

11. Air filter

12. Spark plug

13. Engine oil

14. Head decarbed

And lots of seals and packings and few small parts and rest of the bike was serviced. Total bill came to be Rs. 4020 (roughly US $ 92), Rs. 3720 for the parts and Rs. 300 as labor. I guess the whole job did end up costing a little cheaper than what it would have been had I got it done from the service center, not to mention the mechanic would have been the same and wouldn’t have been that happier servicing my motorcycle.

Now the bike is feeling peppy and rev happy, although I haven’t yet started ripping her. Right now I am trying to keep the speed at 50kmph – 65kmph (3000-4500rpm) in the fifth gear. And will do so until the trip in May.


  1. Dear Yogesh,

    You should have mentioned the model and the odometer reading of your bike in this…which will help people to understand when the bike comes for overhaul.

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  3. hi Yogesh, i am naveen from bangalore,recently got my bike seized, i had some jerk from engine while riding,and i directly took the bike to bajaj service centre,but im still able to start it and also ride,now i have taken it to bajaj service centre,there they r asking 10k for engine overhaul,as u have done ur engine overhaul for 4020,plz guide me,i cant trust the service centre guys,

    i have a Bajaj Pulsar 150 dtsi–alloy wheels(i think its semi seized)

    i told the service centre guys tat i cant pay 10k,as i dont have money,they said they would do some alternative buy changing piston rings,so tat i can drive for another 2 months—now they said tat it would cost around 1800/-,

    also they said tat the new bore would cost 5000/-

    and 9000/- for engine overhaul(including bore)

    plz help me

  4. Naveen new bore and piston costs around Rs. 2000 these days in Delhi, there is no way in hell it costs Rs. 5000 in Bangalore.

    Do one thing, fill out this form, and tell the entire story to Bajaj Auto. Keep in mind to mention the quote you have received and the name and address of the service center which has given you this ridiculous quote and ask them whether or not this is the case. Most likely someone will contact you in a day or two over the phone and try and resort this issue.

    If you still face any problem, let me know and I’ll check with my contacts in Bangalore.

    • SANTOSH KUMAR says:

      Dear Yogesh, I have Bajaj pulsar 150 dts-i 2007 model. I have changed its Bore piston just after a week it started smoking. after a year it was a major problem and engine makes very high sound and also consuming very high quantity of engine oil. what would be the problem

  5. hello Yogesh sarkar,today i got my bike from service center,i had told them earlier,that im not in a position to do engine overhaul,so they just made a general paid service and did some settings(crank,valve etc) in the engine,later while i went to get my bike,i asked the mechanic over there,who is very known and friendly to me,about the engine status ,he said like there were lines is the clyinder block,and also crank was a little bit in ply(maybe wobbly)and also said tat from now on check the engine oil level every 10-15 days,as there might be some engine oil burn,also said me to drive at 40-50 kmph,i asked him personally about why they r quoting so much for engine overhaul,he replied tat the labour cost r more,and it would be best if i did my engine overhaul outside service centre,and now he also said tat the new bore and piston costs 1800/-,

    also he suggested me tat reboring would not be suited for pulsar,tat costs 1k,instead go for new boe for 1800/-

    also said me one more thing tat if u need power and a mileage of around 40kmpl

    changing my pulsar bore to the one with karizma ,with all alterations for 7k(he gave me the mechs no,who would do it),and would get some additional power roughly 198.2cc,and also some alterations to head,valves,and crnk

    wat r ur opinions
    im planin to go for the karizma bore,and also i have a friend who has done tis earlier and have tested his bike also it works great,he had done tis 1 year ago

    plz help me

  6. Naveen, talk to the service center people again and ask them to give you a proper quote with respect to cost of spares (what all they intend to change) and labor. Mechanics will always tell you to get it done outside because then the money goes in their pockets, while at times it can work out quite well, it can end up costing you more or end up with a bike which isn’t as good as it ought to have been.

    As for “fixing” Karizma’s bore on a 150cc pulsar, I find it hard to digest! I mean how can any one “fix” a bore from a 223cc motorbike on to a 149cc motorcycle and that too when engine construction is different?

    It would have made some sense if there was a talk of replacing the 150’s bore with that of 180 or even 200, as they have same basic engine with varying capacity and even then you will need to change the head and few other parts along with the CDI to get everything working properly!

  7. Vijay Vasnani says:

    Hi Yogesh

    I have a Pulsar 150 (classic model 2003) which has done about 43000 Kms. It has been regularly serviced every 2500-300 Kms.. A few days back after receiving my bike from the service centre, they reported that my engine was ‘Smocky’.. I am assuming they mean it is emitting white smoke (they told me this).. and the engine is rusty is and consuming alot of Oil. He suggests my bike doesnt have more than 5-6000 kms more to run.

    Now on asking him for a rough quote, he said an overhaul would cost me 10-12 thousand. This is an insane amount!. I live in Pune and was wondering if you knew any reliable mechanic who i could go to, to get my bike overhauled.

    Also a few of my friends say that once a bike is overhauled, it ends up giving even more problems and they suggest i should sell my baby off… (no way.. my 1st bike bought with my own hard earned cash)

    Please help!!

  8. Vijay first off, keep an eye on the oil level and see if it is drastically dropping in 1000kms. If yes then you have to get the kit changed. Now unless they are going to be changing the crank along with the piston+bore kit, there is no way it would end up at 10-12k. Even if they charge 2-3k for labor, it should end up costing you around 6-8k depending on what all parts get changed beside the kit.

    As for finding a reliable mechanic in Pune, well I have no idea, however you can post at and I am sure members from Pune will help you in this regard.

  9. Rishikanth Somayaji says:


    Am from Bangalore and i recently got my bike passion 2001 model serviced from the showroom. The mech who did the service kept on pestering that the bike had to be overhauled. He gave me a quote of 8 to 10 thousand which is completely mind blasting.

    My bike has run for 50000kms so i am thinking of overhauling it but the service centre is completely out of the scene. Since you were also saying that you had some here i would like to know how i could contact them and get it done at a cheaper price.

    Another thing is that the mech told me that even after overhauling it would give problem and selling it was the best possible remedy which i can’t do. Please tell me what kind of problems could happen.

    thanks a lot ….

    and by the way the post was really informative….

  10. Rishikanth sorry can’t help with that, I know the owner of one of the authorized Bajaj service center in Bangalore.

    Btw is your motorcycle drinking a lot of engine oil?

    Once you completely change to bore and piston, there is no issues as long as it is done with care and you run in the vehicle for 500-1000kms.

  11. can i change odometer reading of pulsar 150cc with dtsi.
    kindly suggest


  12. Sanjay sharma says:

    hi yogesh
    I have pulsar 150 DTS I model 2008. my bike complete two years. in the month of october i am going to vrindaban. In the way i feel the sound of my engine is changed and bike is smoking.
    i m not change the oil from janurary. so i m back and i m going to bagga link for sarvice they said to me that your bike engine is seized. and they ask me for 8k to 8.5k to overhouled the engine. but my financial porblem i cant afford to much rupees. so pls tell me what is the correct price in delhi.
    help me

  13. Hi,
    I have pulsar 150cc bought in August’2008. My bike has run 23,500km till now. It is giving white smoke and It is giving very low mileage for around a year around 42-43 kmpl. Today I got my bike serviced again and asked them to check for it. They are saying that engine oil was almost empty in my bike and it is giving smoke. Service itself costed my Rs903 including engine oil and bushes and service charge. They say that engine needs to be checked and cylinder-piston kit needs to be changed along with clutch plates and all and it will cost me minimum of Rs 5000/- .
    Can anyone tell me if cylinder-piston kit really costs this much or these authorized service centres are there to mint money only.
    If anyone knows any other good mechanic in NCR where i can get my bike fixed for some less amount then do let me know. Please mail me at [email protected] . Please tell me where did you got your bike fixed.

  14. my bike, bajaj pulsar 150 dtsi is about to complete 1,25,000 km.recently when i was going home from delhi , i found that there was excess of smoke and after reaching home i found oil on spark plugs. is it the time for overhauling of my bike. this is the first time. please suggest, thanks in advance.

  15. In all likelihood, your bike’s engine is in need of a overhaul. However, just to be sure, make sure to get the bike inspected by a competent mechanic first.

  16. hi,
    My 2006 pulsar 180 is having compression loss the engine stalls and the kickstarter goes down smoothly when starting the bike i visited 2 bajaj a.s.s for their opinions the first one told to have the valve cleaned and decarb;while the 2nd suggested full overhaul of engine ,i dont have any smokes from my exhaust.the bike has clocked 34k kms ,would like ur kind suggestion regarding this matter.

  17. hi guys,
    I am from coimbatore. I have pulsar 150cc 2009 model 68000kms rided. I love my bike very much. but now its emitting more smoke and the RPM meter is not showing as per the speed (while riding at 70kmph its showing 10000RPM – red level and variying). While consulting in authorised service center, they told that bore, piston has to be replaced and it will cost around 6K (6000/-). please suggest me whether i go for re-bore with local service or the qoutation given by bajaj service is acceptable. since i want my dream bike (my pulsar) in good condition and as i am in marketing field i will ride 200kms per day. please give ur valuable advice.

  18. Get the piston kit replaced at the authorised service center, it may cost more, but will return majority of the performance of the bike back and would likely be more reliable in the long run.

  19. hi im darshan frm blore i have pulsar150cc 2008 model 25500kms rided. but his no power at top speed 60 last wat shall i do to reach 120 pls sugest me…………….

  20. i had changed new bore kit for my pulsar 150cc model 2003
    old bore kit was small in size & the new bore kit is big size .
    is there any problem if i use big size bore kit please help

  21. mohit chopra says:

    Dear Yogesh Sir,
    I have an Pulsar 150 Classic, sir my bike has done 35k approx. Sir, i am not able to get my bike over 50 to 53 kmh,after that my bike starts choking as if sum one as if sumone gets his throat after continuosly shouting, sir the bike gets bumping around 60k,also it lacks power and acceleration,Sir, please guide me what could be the problem and a good mechanic in Delhi whos is knowlegeble.(

  22. I have ovehalled My pulsar 150 which i bought in Feb 2009, done my 65K Km, now there was problem from Engine and they have done the replacement, and told cost will be around 6000, but drastic thing is that after completing every thing I got a bill of 8000, which cost my entier monthly salary…….Very drastic thing……Now I hate this bIke……..Please do not buy any Bajaj bike as it will tear your pocket in the service center………….

  23. I got my pulsar 150 overhauled after 60000 kms, cost me 5000 rupees, and the performance is totally changed… enjoying every bit of it.. and to satish, i too had the same problems, overheating, low pick up, unable to rev , smoke from silencer, had to top up oil after every 1000kms of drive!.. but now all problems solved..

  24. @chandan..and all other says:

    Hi guys…I have a pulsae180 ug2…..I am getting a engine overhaul…..I checked with bajaj authorised service centre …he quoted 10 k…which after doing a bit browsing understood that it is too high….some how I caught hold of a Mechanic…..

    Head valve lathe machine job – 1200rs
    Then bore kit,gasket,cam shaft,guides,can shaft bearing,oil seals,rocker arm ,decompressor, air filter, and other small items 3300 rs….
    I have few doubts abt the lathe machine cost, and also how much should we pay to the mechanic….please suggest..

    • Chandan, Bajaj Service Centers normally quote more than what the final would actually come out to be and if in case you face any issues in the couple of weeks after the job, you can usually talk to the Service Center or Area Service Manager to get the issue rectified for free. This wouldn’t be the case if you are getting the work down from outside. Alternatively, you can speak to the head mechanic at Bajaj Service Center (if he is good) and see if he is willing to do the same work outside (usually they are), in which case you can buy the original equipment from the service center and save some money on the labor.

      Btw what is the issue with Head Valve?

  25. First of all I am vamsi by mistake I have written @ Chandan….
    I am sure what is the issue with head valve…..but engine oil was leaking at great pace….and if I ride my bike more than 3 km the engine started to smoke…pungent burning of oil smell…..
    The mechanic said the new valves has to be lapped with head and cleaning of oil guides and other thing has to be done…..

  26. Vamsi my suggestion would be to go for Bajaj Service Center in this case, unless you know for a fact that mechanic is very competent and will install genuine parts.

  27. Hi Yogesh,I have also changed my bore piston in ma Pulsar 150 ug4.5,Now ma question is how much speed can i drive after changed,can i drive @ 110km/ph Pls suggest me

  28. Hello yogesh from where in delhi you get ur engine rebuilt and can ur mechanic fix two stroke also,iam searching an reliable and honest mechanic who is capable of getting to the heart of the problem,and not just asume things so if he can take 2strokes job also then it would be helpful to me.

  29. Thanks for replying i will give javed a call and see what happens.

  30. hey Yogesh,
    recently my pulsar 150 suddenly started making some noise. so i went to mechanic and he said oil level was very low so it has damaged my piston and bore. so am planing to change both piston and the bore kit. so i wanted to know what if i switch to 180 bore kit instead of 150. will it work properly ? what all changes in performance i can expect ? and the most importantly is it suggestable to do such modification …….??

    • Atul, it would be best if you check with the mechanic whether or not such an upgrade can be done, without any major issue.

      Having said that, few of my friends had installed Pulsar 200’s (older one) bore and piston in their Pulsar 180 and had experienced performance gains. Though one did had to upgrade the carburetor as well, since 180’s carb was unable to supply enough fuel to the engine and I guess this is likely going to be the issue you might face as well. It is also possible that you might have to change the CDI to get optimal timing and power delivery. However there shouldn’t be any major issue in first trying this modification, without changing CDI and Carb and go in for these, if the bike isn’t able to perform satisfactorily.

      • thanks for replying
        so how much does it cost for changing a bore kit with pistons? Caz here in Bangalore its costing more than 5k and in authorized service center they have quoted it as 13k which it too much.

      • Cylinder kit alone is around 2k, and crank ought to be somewhat similar as well. Apart from these, you will also need to change valves, packing, timing chain and few small parts here and there. So expect the final bill to come out around 6-7k if you get the thing done from outside and around 8-10k, if you get it done at service center.

        Service centers normally quote higher price initially, but if you check about parts and labor for the things individually, then calculation would be similar.

        Another option of course is to get the service center mechanic to do this for you outside the service center and buy the parts from the service center itself, to ensure genuineness.

  31. now that sounds reliable. thank you Yogesh for such a wonderful help. :)

  32. Hi Yogesh I am from Goa Recently i changed the bore and piston of my pulsar 150 ug3 model . After changing the bore and piston i get white smoke from the exaust of my pulsar. the machanic says that there is little play on the conneting rod and i have to change the crank shaft.

    What might be the problem?

    Please help.

    • Did you also get the valves changed at that time? If not, then that is something you should get checked as well.

      Having said that, your mechanic is probably right, however he should have seen the play while changing the bore and piston. Better get the bike checked at another good motorcycle mechanic.

  33. Debanjan Kundu says:


    I wanted to know how much would be the cost of changing my piston set for my Pulsar 150. It has a 2004, self start and DTS-i engine. Of late my mileage has gone down, from 45-48 kmpl to 36-38 kmpl. The smoke coming out is white but not black. The engine is also stopping in between shifting gears, even when the clutch is pressed. Shifting of gears are also a problem. The service center person in Hyderabad (Hi-Tech Automotive, Kondapur, Hyderabad)told me that I need to get a new bore piston and rings and the other sealing and packing. He quoted Rs 12,000 for the entire thing to be changed.

    Could you please give me an idea about how much would the new piston set cost me in Hyderabad. According to most people, they are quoting it too high.

    Please help.

  34. Hi Yogesh,

    I am facing a similar issue with my Bike HONDA CS TWISTER (2010 model). Initially I was facing hiccups with Bike when accelerated above 60 Kmph. but now the problem has increased. Now, even below 50kmph I am facing this issue. I showed it to a local mechanic and he changed the spark plug. For initial few kms. it worked fine and the Bike was free from hiccups, but then the problem started again! After changing the spark plug, he started the bike and saw Black smoke coming out, then he said that the Bike need Block Piston servicing (which is actually damaging the spark plug) and the servicing would cost approx 2500/- I don’t know whether doing so will solve the problem? also don;t want to spend that much money at this point of time.
    Please help !!

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Take the motorcycle to an authorized service center. Black smoke usually indicates unburnt fuel or bad quality fuel. White smoke usually indicates engine oil consumption (indication that piston rings are gone.)

  35. Hi Yogesh,

    I need some advice regarding this issue of mine…Bought a pre-owned pulsar 200 2008 model in january 2015….odometer reading 52000…..for the first week it ran fine….got it serviced after then…..general service only,,,,engine oil change etc….bt following that it has been giving problems….first was that the bike used to go direct when i started it…it just wouldnt shut off even when i used to turn the ignition off… the relay switch changed at authorised service centre and it has been fine till now, secondly when i run the bike for a longer duration it just won’t pick up speed although the rpm does increases, the authorized center has asked me get the clutch plates changed and has quoted a price of 2000+ if any any further issues develop. Thirdly the chain is slightly deformed as per my guess since it doesnt rotate uniformly…service centre has quoted 1400 around for it as well….since i am novice abt motorbikes, please advice how should i get these issues fixed,,,what all parts should i get checked/changed, and where: authorised service centre or roadside mechanics?


  36. Changing clutch plates will definitely help. No idea of the cost but when I have changed the clutch plates of my pulsar 150 it costed me rs 800, I bought it from bajaj authorised stores and got it done with my mech. Dont forget to check the cable also. You may go for a complete servicing of your bike including oil filter and engine oil change with clutch plate change. That should help you with a better result. Regarding the chain check the teeth of the sprockets. They have a mark in them if you dont find any then better change it.


  37. Very informative post. Thanks so much Yogesh Sir.

  38. Hi,
    I have discover 135 model 2008 run 45000km. For last 2-3000km engine oil is getting reduced drastically but no problem in performance as I am getting 55kmpl and I don’t throttle beyond 55kmph. Bagga link, mahipalpur told me that half engine work need to be done for 5000 Rs…but you said that when white fumes come only then engine need to get worked while my bike is giving black fumes. Please suggest me what to do.i am Delhi.if possible please tell me where you got your bike repaired. I m still getting a mileage of 55kmpl with 70 km per day run with no issue in performance.

    • Try filling up from a different petrol pump (preferably company operated) and see if it helps with black smoke. Also get the tank cleaned, if you haven’t done so in a while and you are experiencing jerks occasionally (usually when bike is low on fuel). If these don’t help, get half engine work (change of piston and bore) done.

      I get my motorcycle serviced by Javed, 9810989786. His shop is in Lajwanti Garden.

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