Download the high resolution video of Bajaj Pulsar Mania

Click here to download the high resolution of Bajaj Pulsar Mania Ad (right click and save as, 18.4mb(curtsy Puneet))

Click here to download background music of Pulsar Mania (right click and save as, 1.72mb)


  1. Mukku_star says:

    Wow.! the best biking ad I hv ever seen. thanx buddy!….. for uploading the video

  2. The best stunts ever seen. You know, these stunts are shooted in south africa.

  3. sir plz give pulsar videos

  4. itz an amazing video and it makes me energetic and makes me tension free

  5. hi .. thanks dear we people really wanted that..thnx alot

  6. Fantastic,amazing,rocking & thrilling stunts ive ever seen.Best of all tv entertainment.No.1 in adv.

  7. thnx mite i owe u man i was waitin for this for long time u made my wish thnx again mite

  8. Oh man i like this ad very very much i dont like but i love it.its fantastic.And thanks 2 this website for giving me this ad. i was waiting for it for long.

  9. it isnt a high resolution one…quality sucks.

  10. Thanks very much for taking the effort, I was not sure I was gonna find this vid on the net. Good work dude =D

    PS: One question though. How did you do it?

  11. Akash I didn’t knew 720 x 576 resolution wasn’t considered as “high resolution”, FYI it is the same resolution as that of a PAL DVD.

    Oh yes if you were actually looking for 1080p resolution video, then you won’t find it even with the advertising company!

    Thanks Gautham, a friend had sent this video to me.

    Thanks every one.

  12. super!!! thanks a lot!! who the hell says quality sucks!!!

  13. WOW……..
    what a amazing video….the stunts r 2 gud…it broked all the records

  14. Thrilling, exhilarating and awe-inspiring stuff bro as your endeavor deserves to be acknowledged with reverence and admiration and there are no doubts about it.

    I am a hardcore Pulsarian furthermore at whatever time I see anything coming from Bajaj Stable my pulsation takes a zooming force and you have ensured that its stays for a bit long dear…..

    Grand piece of effort ………Yogesh ………….can you plz upload bajaj pulsar 200cc ringtone ……..

  15. thanks a lot buddy for uploading mania video

    I was searching from last 48hours

  16. Okay, Calm down everyone …. obviously .. this ad is great, but it’s not the stunts which makes it great [trust me, there are stunts far more extreme than these], I think this ad makes its mark, simply on the virtue of its music, for those of you who dn’t believe me, try seeing the ad again on Mute and u’ll understand.

    This Ad, it’s stunts men, and in all probability, the director, musician and everyone involved ain’t Indian, so though the ad represents an Indian company, we have nothing else to be proud off, but again the ad will click, cause most people would never get to know this, they’ll think as if this ad is being shot next to their home, with people as ordinary as them, and it’s all the bike which matters ….. “Ignorance is Bliss ” … Nyways, I luv this ad, and should all


  17. really itz amazing….i didnt seen never b4…im shocking

  18. i almost totally agree with abhishek on this one except for the point about stunts being more extreme that these, i think these stunts score totally on the co-ordination between the stunt men.

  19. Superb!!! Thanks a lot!! I like the stunts v much… I try at least one stunt from this, it will b thrilling…

  20. dude…..amazing stunts. thanx to this website for this video

  21. hiiiiiiii………tthis is gr8…………i really enjoyed this…………..


  23. Here is the background track of Pulsar Mania, (Right click and choose save as, 1.72mb).

  24. Cooooooooool…. Thanks for this!!!!

  25. this is the best video i have ever seen i bet right now it bags the first place in the top ten biking videis in the world

  26. thnx a million dude… gr8 job…

  27. Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssss a lot for uploading this video…

    If possible increase your upload collection-please its a personal request to you…

    Thanks again.

  28. hi,its just a biker not so prfest.still every day try 2 imprv my skill on bike,i think life should be live on dedge.

  29. prabakaran says:

    hi thanks for pulsar mania video.even offical website is having some pro with download.thanks buddy.

  30. Cool Vedes man.
    Just to say.only one thing . ThankZZZZZzzz.

    I can feel the agression wen ever I think of that DAMN COOL add.

    Always Pulsar Rocks … SO DO U . for your cool “P.Mania vedeo”.

  31. ankur mishra says:

    thank you very much sir such a great video.

  32. thank u very much sir
    i am glad….thanku very much….

    itz just awesome……….

  33. yo man this is mp4 file anyone has mp3 of this copy

  34. which bike is it, it surely isnt the present p220, cz the rear hand support bar is mono, while in 220 it isnt mono, is it one of the 200 upgrades???????????????????

  35. ABHISHEK SATAM says:

    thanks dude im fond of pulsar & because of u i got this video

  36. guys… the vid is pure adrenalin, n I think evrybdy agrees 2 it. The vid is shot @ Cape Town, SA. The crew comprised f world’s best stuntman Mr. AC Farias, so, it was xpected 2 b awesme. btw, there has been some dramatization, bt still it rocks.. thnx yogi.. !!!

  37. thankyou for making this site. and i give u a sagetion plz add on this site some latest movie songs video ok by.

  38. amazinggggg

  39. Ratna Kumar says:

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  40. thank u so much all the members of this of this website nd the person who upload this stunt video thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  41. chinmayanuradha says:

    wow! babay i liked it to. it is my favourite i like the stunts of pulsar.

  42. thank u yogesh……… i was searching it since 6 months,,, finally i got it thanku u very much

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