Review of Bardahl Engine Oil Additive for Motorcycles

Having used Bardahl engine oil additive for almost 1,000kms in my motorcycle, I feel the time is apt for a review of the same.

Even though I didn’t get the chance to test it on the highway, however I did get a chance to do few high speed runs in the city along side normal cruising and the usual bumper to bumper city traffic.


  • Gear shift are softer i.e. easier to shift than earlier.
  • Motorcycle feels slightly more refined.


  • Engine gets more heated than with normal engine oils.
  • Once heated, gear shift quality goes for a toss!
  • Clutch slippage though occasional, does happen.

Overall I am not at all satisfied with the performance of Bardahl engine oil additive for motorcycles and my initial hesitation and doubts have been confirmed (click).

Getting a good quality engine oil of the grade specified by the motorcycle manufacturer or switching it to a better grade semi-synthetic or fully synthetic engine oil is a much better option then this engine oil additive which promises to be a miracle drug and just like them turns out to be a damp squid!

Ps. I still haven’t heard back from Bardahl’s official distributor in India!


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