One Life to Ride

Just finished reading One Life to Ride by Ajit Harisinghani. It’s a wonderful book which depicts Ajit’s journey from Pune to Ladakh on his Royal Enfield Bullet in June 2004.

Although I had received this book for review, couple of months back, I hadn’t gone further than first few pages due to lack of habit of reading books. In fact this is the first non-technical and non-magazine book I have read in past few years and my dad had finished reading it (he loved it), even before I started!

one-life-to-rideHowever once I finally started reading it over the weekend, I was instantaneously hooked and managed to complete reading the entire 224 page book in the span of 3 days.

Ajit is a fantastic writer and managed to take me back to Ladakh with his wonderful narration and reminded me of my first trip to Ladakh, where I faced somewhat similar situations.

What adds further flavor to the book and makes it different from a normal travelogue is Ajit’s ability to not only depict road trip, but also the journey taking place in his mind, as he shares his witty comments, past experiences and thoughts with his readers. And this I feel is an important part of the book, as traveling is not only about exploring the world; it is also about exploring yourself as a person.

Overall a nice read and definitely worth the Rs. 195 price tag. The book is published by Promilla & Co. in association with Bibliophile South Asia and is available in India and also in USA on and you can check out its official website at


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