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Why I would never buy a Royal Enfield Bullet!

Few days ago I posted on Twitter and Facebook that I am now using Thunderbird and loving it, while I was talking about Mozilla Thunderbird; few people misunderstood and thought I had bought a Royal Enfield Thunderbird. Even those who knew me well and I think know that I would never actually buy one!

Also I quite often get suggestions from people (mostly those who own Bullets) to buy a Royal Enfield motorcycle for touring, while people pitch as hard as they can about benefits of owning a Bullet, I usually end up telling them that a Bullet isn’t the motorcycle for me and usually end up reiterating why I would never buy a Royal Enfield Bullet:

Royal Enfield Motorcycles aren’t reliable:
Well let’s face it, while a few might love spending a day in the middle of Manali – Leh highway, fixing their motorcycles (I respect their idea), it is certainly not my cup of tea, and I would rather be riding and exploring the beautiful landscape around me than getting my hands dirty to get the bike running again. Heck even Royal Enfield knows this and despite it’s motorcycles being positioned toward motorcycle tourers, offers warranty for the least time (km wise).

Royal Enfields don’t have good range: One of the most important aspects of any touring motorcycle being used in remote areas is the range it can travel on a tankful, since petrol pumps are tough to find in remote areas. Royal Enfields have smaller petrol tanks (compared to Karizma, Pulsars, Unicorn etc.) and on top of it, they are thirstier (especially in hills). This means for a ride to Zanskar Valley or Leh – Tso Moriri – Sarchu – Tandi, a guy riding a Bullet would need to carry at least 7-8 liters of spare petrol, while on a pulsar I can do it without even hitting the reserve!

Royal Enfields are heavy:
While the heavy weight and long wheelbase helps tremendously while riding in plains in strong crosswinds, it becomes a dead weight as soon as you get in to a sticky situation in hills. Now if all that weight was due to something quite important like a more powerful engine or fantastic suspension setup, I wouldn’t have minded, but the fact is, it is mostly useless as it is there more for the show and in attempt to retain the classic feel, than for any utility.

Egoistic Bullet riders: That’s right, even though I know of plenty of fantastic travelers who use bullets, most often than not, I run in to people who believe that the Royal Enfield is fantastic and an iconic bike, and rest of the motorcycles are crap (jap-crap to be precise). While it is great that Royal Enfield has such a cult like following, I am not too keen to be seen as part of the herd following a brand name blindly, and treating fellow bikers and travelers like crap!

As for majority of these nincompoops, well the only reason they buy these bikes is to try and get associated with some of the things that a few great travelers have accomplished and were incidentally using a Royal Enfield. To them, it is not the spirit and determination of the rider, which demands accolades, it is the thing they were sitting on top off!

Every time I come across such individuals, they reaffirm my faith about not owning a Royal Enfiled and make the determination even stronger!

Edit: Just wrote a blog post on the Kind of Royal Enfield Bullet I would like to buy, check it out as well and let me know what you think.


  1. Hi Yogesh,
    Please suggest me a better bike than a UCE350 in its price range. My priority is good cruising ability.

    • In that price range, we have only one more byke thats avenger, but when compared, though they both are cruiser but TB gives you pride. People using Avenger often complain about engine problems, even TB has got engine problems… Finally what to say, its up to u how u maintain byke….

      Im using TB 350 past two years and still loving it…..

  2. i have taken quite some rides on Enfield and they have mostly been on high terrain, and have never had any issue as explained by Mr Sarkar, no doubt you have to test and prepare your bike in advance before any big ride, but that is with any bike that you plan your trip on , as far as the dead weight of Enfield and all that jazz is concerned I have never felt that , maybe Mr Sarkar was riding some unkept bikes. Or has never taken a ride at all.

    • Sharathchandra Ramakrishna says:

      How can u be so silly by saying that Mr.Sarkar has never ridden an RE bullet? The world will laugh at you. When you have confessed that you have not FELT the dead weight, well..theres more to come, here it goes..the worst ergonomics, the worst power to ratio, worst riding posture, etc..I think you need some more seasoning before you notice all these things. And the ‘cult’ thing,..well i think it should be worth it before forming one. I have been to the highest road, the kadrungla pass four times myself, 2 times on the bullets (AMC and UCE once each), the karizma and the RD 350. Leave aside the RD, both the bullets were not even close to the performance offered by the karizma, in terms of ease of power, handling, brakes, to overall biking. I have given a helping hand myself to those ‘bulleteers’ myself whose engines had ‘blasted’ with seizures and compression outs. I too have my dad’s 69 G2, well, i maintain it like a baby..its a classic and thats all it deserves. Bulleteers are the biggest hippocrates on earth. The truth is, that motorcycle has got nothing to boast or be proud about.

      • aravind rajaram says:

        Hahaha you are comparing RE to karizma .. Great…dude if you change the CV24m carb and put a 32 micarb onto a bullet your karizma will shit its gas out with a bullet . Bullet needs personal must know tha before buying a bullet . Even Harley needs assistance from owners side so do triumph. And I use TB I never experienced a problemn I give good care to my bike . As always bad workers like you blames your tool .

      • Sharathchandra Ramakrishna says:

        My dear friend, I’ve been with the bullets ever since I was a child. The 1969 G2 RE bullet is one amongst the motorcycle collections of my father(which he considered it to be the result of the worst engineering possible) and the only one I have still preserved till today. 12-13 years back people never even cared for the know why? ..they simply couldn’t ride one, and secondly they never wanted a sluggish and a non-sense bike like the bullet. Now when the people got more exposed to the so called ‘cult’ status after seeing the Hogs of the HD group in the US and started imitating them…but I ask what for? The so called 350cc and 500 singles were real pain in the wrong for nothing piece of crap…who wants that irregular and improper torque? We are not ploughing a field, are we?..Well..the only motorcycle from the royal enfield shelf which I always respected and got obsessed to some extent was the Interceptor 750cc in-line twin and the single block twin..which my late father had,..if only I had it now…the interceptor had the thing in it, even during the late 60s and early 70s it was on par with the triumphs and the bmw r90s and other race derived twin 4strokers…Unfortunately we never saw it in here,..agreed, now the indigenous RE has been revamped by the owner of the eicher group and brought in the long awaited UCE engine which is fabulous, only as far as the reliability is concerned…but again…wheres the factor?..i mean..1 week back I beat the shit out of a desert storm ‘500cc’ rider (racer) on my 2007 karizma, who did the biggest mistake of tickling me on the bangalore-mysore me, we met at the coffee day..between chanpatna and ramnagar, and he literally repented for having purchased an RE 500 and told about similar events on several occasions before. On my opinion, a bullet, even today is fit for those egg heads, brainless dumb asses in the villages, who pose to be some sort of a goon or a leader of the village, flaunting their big mushes which are uglier than the pubic hair…who think riding a bullet, making that nasty sound is ‘manly’..screw those dickheads.., a bunch of hypocrites they are, well if you are that type of a person who thinks you can pose your ‘biggy’ shit with ‘attitude’ by riding a bullet, and not actually enjoying a motorcycle ride, ..well, go for it, best of luck..As for me,..Its only sheer power, performance, handling and reliability which makes a perfect motorcycle, irrespective of what brand it is, not (never) some ‘cult’ or ‘heritage’ shit..

      • Sharathchandra Ramakrishna says:

        Dear sir, just forgot to add this one,..these are the words you used in the starting of your comments right?..”Hahaha you are comparing RE to karizma?…he he ho ho..THIS, my friend, THIS is the stinking attitude I hate of the so called bullet owners..I ask you what for? On what grounds did the RE triumph on other bikes? For What accomplishments it has in its booty? What legend? This out of the blue ‘cult’ feeling added by discriminating others for the only reason of being ‘heavy’ for something which was long forgotten reflects your immaturity…grow up, friend, grow up..

    • Rahul Sharma says:

      Agreed. I rode 93K in 2002 AVL350 which is so called Engineering disaster by RE haters. Out of this ~50k are in extreme himalayan terrains including regular ladakh circuit, Sach pass, hemkunth sahib and many others. Mine still gives 35-40 KMPL which gives me range of 500 KMs (with 15L std tank) which never felt short. But I still carry jerrycan to accommodate any change in plan.

      I can’t say about Karizma, I have no experience. But Pulsars, CT100 and Unicorn are definitely not so reliable bikes for tough terrains. On plain roads, yes they are. I ended up with cracked alloys and leaking carb on pulsar. Cracked Engine packing throwing oil everywhere on a Unicorn for 150 Km ride. And a engine seizure on CT100.

      And how foolish is that to say that REs carry dead weights. This extra weight is well spread across the frame, chassis, pipes, engine walls, nuts, struts, metal sheets, handle bars, wheel rims. This is the reason that even after 50 years of abuse on all possible terrains, REs are ready to perform Duty on worst possible terrains again and again. Mine is one and a half decade old and still hardly any major part changed. Once I rode my wife’s Activa in the same way I ride my bullet (on a day with some urgency), its silencer bracket cracked and separated from engine aluminium cover, which costed me 4.5k. I never touched that shit again.

      After 15 years, I am again in market to purchase a bike. Tried Mojo, CBR, Dukes but settling for himalayan which is not a real RE. but I am confident it will serve me well. lets see.

  3. 1. Royal Enfield Bullet cannot compare with mileage or speed or any other bikes – It is Cruiser bike.
    2. It suits well for a person with good height and weight (Ex: If your bike is jam in middle of the bikes in parking area – you have to think here?
    3. Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc tank capacity is 20 Liters ( as per my testing Mileage 42 KM / Liter, 42 * 20 L= 840 KM ) In remote / potholes / water crossing / Off-road if we assign Mileage then 25 * 20 L = 500 KM. This is sufficient for long distance drive or you can carry some amount of fuel because you have big bike big space).
    4. Feels very good when driving RE Beast ( Feels like you are the boss )
    5. Seating comfort is very good, pothole, speed brake you will not feel jumps when compared to other bikes.
    6. Long driving, Off-road, water crossing, remote roads driving, language carrying, some place it will impress you and you will not be disappoint and also you no need any one help to push your bike when you stuck in rocks or mud.
    7. Pulling Power and pickup is very good.
    8. Resale value of the bike is very good. (I purchased BULLET ELECTRA 350 for 1, 25,000 RS on Road couple of year back (Registration / Insurance / Fancy Number / Extra fittings (leg guard, horn, Silencer) – sold after 1.5 year with 1 Lakes due to urgent transfer to abroad. (Day 1 post free add in sulekha & 2nd day it self sold out – Received so many calls and sms for buying). – sold this bike like a hot cake ( I sold due to immediate transfer, otherwise it would sold out little more 1.10 lakes )
    9. In High way it stands still when SUV / MUV / Truck passing next to you will not feel like pushed.
    10. Regarding speed – it feels comfortable at 80 (km/h), if you reach 100+ bike handle starts vibration. 80 (km/h) will have good control to stop whenever require
    11. If you habituated driving RE then no bike will make you feel happy.

    ? weekly twice washing, oiling and cleaning wheels…etc.
    ? Service the bike on time.
    ? Your money is not wasted here ( as I know few of my friends had old bike they purchased long back around 80 K, now their bike resell value is 1+ lakes as second hand.)

    My personal Opinion: Go for BULLET (Look, comfort, power and good resale value). If you are going to use the bike primarily for your daily commute and for occasional long rides, then go for the Classic 350.

    Before selecting any vehicle first take test drive of 5 to 10 KM & then decide as per your budget, comfort, usage, waiting period…etc.- it is up to you decide – your money your choice.

    Review this video:


  4. 6. Long driving, Off-road, water crossing, remote roads driving, luggage carrying ( spelling mistake corrected), some place it will impress you and you will not be disappoint and also you no need any one help to push your bike when you stuck in rocks or mud.

  5. Sachin pratap Singh says:

    Every one has his own choice, don’t convenience to any one. ” sher kabhi Nhi Kehta vo sher hai bcoz every one knows it”
    Gidard zarur kehte hai ki vo bhi sher hai.

  6. I used a 2009 Thunderbird for 5 years / 40 k kms . I thought that would be a bike for life but I was mistaken . Within 5 years I had changed every imaginable part – chain, sprocket , tyre tubes , battery. broken indicators – 3-4 times , disc for brake , bushings for brake – twice, brake pads, fuel lid, ignition set, odometer cable twice , clutch cable and hold your breath – engine’s connecting rod bearing – had to open the engine for replacing it thereby seriously diminishing the resale value and cost me 10 k .The bike had serious cold starting problems and would’nt start many times even if it rained heavily. The bike had an AVL engine . The current bikes have UCE engines which is supposedly low maintenance and long lasting . But my exp has been so bad I don’t think ill even go for a RE again. I have a Pulsar 200 now which has been giving me trouble free service for a year and a half. I miss the poser value the TB had but realised peace of mind and reliability is much more important.

    • Sharathchandra Ramakrishna says:

      Kudos..rohit..thats my man..and thats what is called a seasoned and a matured rider..unlike those shitheads who still think the pathetic vibrations on the entire body of a bullet is the ‘FEEL’.. of some sort..i think they r the guys who are used to use those dildo vibrators in their asses..

      • Have to say I miss the torque and heart still wants to own a RE. But brain says no. Have been waiting for an alternative to come up but honestly at that price point and mileage there still isn’t any. Where can you get 40 kmpl for a 500cc bike/

      • To Rohit and to all RE lovers –
        While not being biased with bullets or hating them, I would like to admit that I was being frank in what I have seen and experienced with enfields and what I actually expect from a motorcycle which apparently the bullets never had. As I said earlier, I respect all motorcycles which are outstanding performers irrespective of their brands or history. However, I cannot help but praise and respect just one motorcycle from the RE shelf, which is the Himalayan. Guys, for the first time in the entire RE’s history, here comes a real, purpose built motorcycle. The Himalayan has an aim in it. Its performance is just about perfect for its category, though it lacks about 5BHP more. A nicely matched gear ratios which comes with balanced RPM and low end torque. I admire RE for finally going beyond and building a perfect adventure tourer bike which has a purpose, added with the comfortable seats and provision for luggage carriage. The motorcycle is rugged and lasts for years to come..Now thats what I’m talking about!!

  7. I read most of the comments and people who have done comparisons…..if we personify this talk….they are saying..dont buy an elephant because the horse runs faster….no one can disagree that those who go for royal enfield is for the passion…the dhuk dhuk….the charm…

    I have a 1983..bullet…i have never compared it with any bike…i never checked its mileage…my dad ownes it. My dad who passed away last year used to say…bullet should not be driven like hero honda…instant acceleration…. bullet sbould be ridden with love.

    I am now having a classic 350. I went for this because its a legacy which i want to continue..i do not hate anyone who post negativity…..its their opinion…they have a right to say what they feel..similarly i have right to accept ….and i do not accept….because in today’s world truth and genuine answer you will not get from number of opinions….if that was the case then our our curreny PM would be never elected because a whole community hated him and none of them know why.

    So to summarize…bullet is for people who love themselves and the machine. Its a machine that gives you confidence and takes you plaves both in personal life and journey. We cannot rely on opinion from people who compare a ‘bikes’ with a ‘Machine’.

    Stop comparing elephant with a horse!

    Because its for kings and it shows their pride and passion!

    • Sachin pratap Singh says:

      Fully agree with you bro.
      Every one has feeling with his bult. No one can discribe it.
      It’s not a bike, it’s ur bult…
      So ride it like a king
      Don’t hear to anybody who has never Ride it once in his life.

    • When you marry some one you have no choice but to love and live with that person. Live up to your matrimony withtje billet. Indians seem to be obsessed with sick and stifling marriages and treat themselves as stoic and masochistic people to sustain such marriages. I do respect the mentality but not when you have the choice of wives who can please you when ever you want with out any mood swings like the bullet over a period of time.
      Raleally appreciate the guts, patience, and of course the choice (good or bad is upto the married person)of the husbands.
      As for me I have always wanted a bullet. But when ever the time came for the actual purchase my intuition stopped me dead right on my tracks. I respec the people who make a choice to marry a bullet. May I wish you all the very best as you dearly need it, if not during the early romance but as the attraction fades and the reality dawns.

  8. Hi Yogesh,

    Nice article !
    I’m a fan of Royal Enfield Bikes and was searching something for why I should not buy a RE ? I own a Thunderbird and it serves my purpose and few emotions associated with it. RE is not God made and we all should admit that it has Pros and cons. Your article had shown me the other side of RE and I must say, I’ve to plan how to face them if I face them.

    Keep writing !


  9. Hello Bikers,

    Certainly this article changed my mind .. not to go for RE (atleast New RE) .. Koodus Yogi .. You wrote this in 2009 and still people are reading and writting comments..

    Can you post any update on this article comparing new RE’s please?

    Well, I’m now owner of 3rd hand Yamaha Enti …restored it to its golden days .. and its only 125cc but enjoying the most of my rides … for me that is very important.. enjoying my ride ..with less hole in my pocket..

    But Im planning to buy 2nd had RE TBTS.. do you have any suggestion in your mind to look for in pre owned TBTS … again i need this for customization .. only customization nothing else?



  10. Sir, what about RE 350? And if not RE then can we say Avenger is the good substitute?

    • Sachin pratap Singh says:

      Stansard 350 and classic 500, both has heavier crank. Riding is very smooth on that. Less vibration and less changes if gear. Other models OF RE is like common bikes.

      So Choose any vehicle as per your choice.

      Harley is the only substitute if RE.

  11. Ride what you like.don’t compare anything with anyone.
    In our family we have british vintage 1932 bullet and rajdoot 350 .my grandfather brought it just because Riding british motorcycle (that time Britisher’s used to ride bullet) is proud moment.

  12. yes its an old post and i m sure the beasts that come out of royal enfield factory these days have tremendously improved on reliability front

  13. Samiran mitra says:

    I am having a RE TBTS now it is 6years old and had started giving shitty problems. Every now n then some major problems like electric wiring shortcircuit, engine crankcase bearings got broken, rocker arm bearing, wheel bearings etc.and lot more it is totally piece of crap. U just can’t simply rellay on RE’s if they are getting older after 3-4 of purchasing. RE’s are blood sucking evils.I am planning to sell this piece of crap….

  14. I don’t know why are you ppl cursing Enfields just because you are the one who doesnt know about the bike . And for your concern Enfield riders are not egoist in any way.. And Enfield is not just a bike ,its a motorcycle,its a religion. These bikes are robust . And I am a happy customer . I own a thunderbird. And take it from me . And Mr sharathchandra ramakrishnan you said what triumph did RE DO and what great things it did. This simply shows you doesn’t know shit about ROYAL ENFIELD. Take a good look to the history… N dude even Harley Davidson or triumph cant take harsh terrains of Himalayas . Himalayan rides are patented by RE long back because only RE can do it.. Harley needs change of clutch plates after 2500kms n costs fucking 20000 rs. I completed over 2 lacs in just rides . N my RETBTS still in perfect condition. After all bad workers blames their tools . And bro yes you can’t compare Royal Enfield and karizma. Karizma is bike for day to day short term use its a city bike. And Enfield is a motorcycle. Hope you know the difference between the two. N please have a good look into the history.

    • Hi,

      dont give any justification to non Enfield Riders. its a pride to ride bullet, no body cant understand without riding it. so enjoy ur machine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Arvind, I sincerely do not like to be replying to you because, from your words, it clearly shows your immaturity and lack of credibility to be deserving an answer, especially as far as a discussion about professional motorcycling is concerned.

      You are no more than a targeted duck by those RE marketing strategists, who have been extremely successful in cashing out from people like you, who have got that susceptible mentality of dreaming that buying or owning a bullet makes you, almost instantaneously, the most experienced motorcyclist..(laughs)..its only your dream,,wake up you amateurs,..including sachin, or whatever his name is,…let alone understanding motorcycles, you are unfit to be in a toddler’s forum, get the heck out of here and bash your comments in some screwed up amateurs’ blog, ..not here.

    • Himalayn Rides are patented by RE. Which country are you coming from?? Some African country?
      Harley needs clutch plate change for 2500kms. I mean seriously? Do you even ride?
      Karizma is a bike, RE is a motorcycle. What do you do? just passed your matriculation ?

      • Sharathchandra Ramakrishna says:

        What do you know about himalayan terrains? Have you even seen them atleast,. What patent are talking about? If you have real balls, go alone on your RE on the route I will give you. You look like those typical wannabes who have leant motorcycle balancing from 1 year and think they are RIDERS!!..just by buying some “RIDING GEAR” shit what you get in your showroom will not make you a rider. Start learning a motorcycle from the basics and then slowly graduate to the next level. Remember, outfit and external looks will not make you a rider, its an inheritance and should come in the blood, not for amateurs like you.

      • Sharathchandra Ramakrishna says:

        …sorry, missed these words..I am very much from Hindustan , but you definitely seem to belong to a different country..are you?

  15. friends why compare re to other bikes? does it make sens to compare hummer jeep with ferari? re has long stroke undersquare engine with heavy piston so it moves slowly otherwise resiprocating unbalance increase. so re has low speed. but long stroke engine gives high torque means great pulling power. so re is not a race bike. about milage, any slow speed engine must be supplied with rich mixtuer otherwise detonation occurs. in rich mixtuer more fuel less air. so mileage is obviously lower. about maintance, if u ride re as per instruction with proper gears and speed, then there is no major maintance. but if u ride re like a racing bike then bike is screwed up. why because heavy piston and crank. if u rotate heavy wheel and suddeny increase rpm then inertia comes in picture. refer 11 th std physics book- newton first law of motion. due to inertia, vibes and crank bearing failuer occurs. now thats not re fault, its rider fault. many complain about rear brake of re. some says re rear brake is less efficient. when any vehicle is braked, weight transfer occur to front side. so weight on rear wheel decrease. now braking force directly depends on weight on wheel so rear brake seems to be less efficient. so use both break on re. company already mention in manual. about vibes, re has single downtube chasis with engine as stressed member. for a 350 cc long stroke engine, mirror blurring vibes then it is common. and vibes increase with speed. so if u go more then 60 kmph then u feel more vibes. and this vibes has not any ill effect on bike accept lossening some bolts nothing else. friends i feel more vibes then re on bjaj super which is 150 cc. friends our new generation habituate to ride that plastic toys with 100 or 125 cc engines, so we have not experienced actual motorcycling- thats a fact. any boy ride activa for 5 years and then ride bullet then it is obvious he feels vibes. and if u talk to some harly rider, he says he also feels vibes. it is common for a touring bike. just ignore vibes u used to it. oil leak issue almost solve in uce engine. some complain about gear being hard, i say not at all. if u shift at right speed then very smooth – 100% sure. weight and handling, then practice. initially find diffucult but after some time u find the way to handle. and say me whether harly or triumph is lighter? this weight keeps cg low means low rolling during cornering. u never take turn at 60 kmph on other bike but on re yes u can. in trafic, i say re is best as put re in 2 nd gear just slip clutch some and it will cruise through trafic. in trafic when i ride my bullet, i feel i ride gearless bike. now mr yogesh answer my following questions. (1) re go to us. it left behind harly in sells. now americans are better in automobiles then us, they use harly for years then why they opt re? (2) do u think any one kept his splendor, activa or karizma for years on years. people kept re? why? (3) why indian army use re not other bike? (4) from 1950 bullet is the oldest bike still in production. has harly on any company still produce their 1950 models? why? sir it is easy to say something. but if u want to know then u should have some technical knowledge. which i have just share. by the way i have master degree in mechanical engineering with specilization in heat power engineering.

  16. actually why people complain about re? let me answer. first today young generation attracted to re as it is considered as or say marketed by eicher as iconic symbol. now marketing any product is not wrong. all company do it. i have never seen re commercial. yes they promote himalayn as travel partener in many shows. they never promote bullet by ads. our young generation which habituate riding toys like splendor, passion, activa, pulsar etc. this guys treat re as other bike. friends u not ride an elephant like a horse. agree? i see many guys riding re like racing bike they suddenly race, brake. even i see people shift re on top gear at 30 kmph. reason habit of splendor or passion or other toys. and that people complain re has more noise, vibes, hard shift, broken clutch cable, worn out brake etc. what a fuck!! i see many people changing stock silencer on uce by after market silencers to get thump or loud noise. but they not know about exhaust back pressure, after fier and detonation. then they complain my valve seat burnt, popping on decelration or less power and pick up. thats not re fault. i have ride rajdut(rd-350, remember old days- introduced by yamaha selled by escort group) i feel vibes similr to re. even on bjaj super i feel more vibes then re. thats my practical experience. but as per my experience, i found vibes not effect much might be some disagree. initially u feel uncomfortable but after some time u used to it. it is nomal for such heavy bike. i see many boys putting large aftermarket mirror on re and complain my hadlebar vibrates. it is their mistake as they not know about vibration and resonance not re fault. i see one boy riding tbts without silencer just for loud noise!! now tell me its re fault? many complain about self start. friends recent uce not need self start. they have auto-decompressor. means just one or two full kick and ur re starts. so why u use self start every time? then complain my battery runs out of charge. use self only in emergency. moreover, it is hard to find good expert mechnic of re as old generation mechanics not exists and new generation of re mechanics have not prepared- specially for uce models. i accept re service centers even have not good mechnics. service centers are interested in sells. they say sir change silencer, put long mirror, put extra lights, big horns etc etc. but it is u who have to decide whether this modification is good or bad for my re? in short sati savitri ko sunny leon ki tarah nhi use kr sakte!

  17. Bullets are not about speed, or agility, or braking, or acceleration, or leaning, or comfort, or stability, or fun, or safety, they are about the feel of riding.

  18. Hi. I am not an experienced biker and am planning to buy a RE classic 350. This is going to be my first bike and so I am an amateur in the technical things being discussed here.
    I have gone through many reviews about the RE motorcycles and noted in general that the critiques are consistently present about its poor quality parts, regular and high maintenance costs and poor after sales service. However, these seem to have been addressed in the newer UCE engines (?). Can anyone please throw some light on the new UCE engine RE classic 350 and how is it different from the older versions of the RE classic 350.

    And to the RE fans. I can understand your love for the motorcycles which has given you so many memorable experiences. But overall the critiques seem to be very well written and convincing to a first time buyer whereas all I get from the RE fans is emotional write-ups about how it is “THE” motorcycle to ride and feel good. Utsav vyas’s review was the closest to a mature response I read defending RE motorcycles. It makes a lot of difference to a first time buyer looking for a reasonable analysis of the bike before spending 1.5 lacs and maintaining what seems to be a heavy maintenance bike.

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