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HPTDC Delhi – Shimla Volvo Bus

On my recent trip to Shimla, I took the HPTDC Delhi – Shimla Volvo bus. Timing of this bus (8:30pm departure from Delhi and 6am arrival at Shimla) is perfect for those traveling on weekend trip or are planning to leave for Shimla, right after work.

The bus starts at a alley behind the HPTDC marketing office in Delhi, which is located in the Chanderlok building at Janpath (for directions, click here).

HPTDC Delhi – Shimla Volvo also picks up its passengers from the Himachal Bhawan, before heading off to Shimla.


The bus itself was clean and comfortable and all passengers were provided with a complimentary bottle of mineral water. HPTDC also shows a movie (Love Aaj Kal, during my journey) during the initial part of the journey and the bus only stops twice en route, once at an eatery before Karnal (A New World) and then at a dhaba after Kalka.

There is not much to complain as the staff is decent and bus is in good condition, the only sore point is the fact that the place from which it starts (behind Chanderlok building), does not have any infrastructure. So it is better to wait out in McDonald or Cafe Coffee Day located couple of hundred meters away from there, then to wait in that dimly lit alley. Good thing is, they allow people to start boarding the bus by around 8 o’clock, so if you arrive by then, you will be sitting comfortably in your seat.

It also ends its journey right before the Victory Tunnel in Shimla, which is a bit away from majority of the hotels and one usually ends up using the services of one of the numerous porters and taxi drivers, who double up as touts for the hotel. I seriously hope that HPTDC starts taking its passengers till one of its property or at least till the bus depot, which is located at a much better point.

Overall not a bad way to travel to Shimla for Rs. 680 per person.


  1. The HRTC Volvos go to the bus stand, but even there, I think you will have to take help of porters and taxis if you are not self reliant.

  2. Thanks Arun, I did think that the HRTC Volvos went till the bus stand. You are right that it is still away from majority of hotels, but a little closer to the lift.

  3. Srini Chittaluru says:

    It is only 380 KM from Delhi, does it really take 9 hrs to reach Shimla? We are arriving Delhi at 6:30 A.M, based on HRTC schedule there is a Volvo bus leaving at 9:30 A.M. Would we be able to catch this bus? How far Chanderlok building from Delhi International Airport? How much time it would take if we catch a taxi at the airport? Would you suggest us to purchase tickets on-line so that we will have confirmed seats? Thanks for your prompt response. We are planning to visit Shimla in June for 4 days.

  4. Even in a car it takes around 6 hours, mainly due to hilly terrain between Kalka – Shimla.

    As per my knowledge the HRTC Volvos do it slightly faster, but if you are leaving at 9:30pm from Delhi, do you really want to reach before 6-7am?

    As for Delhi International Airport to Chanderlok building, it can take any where from an hour to couple of hours or more, depending on traffic.

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  6. Hi,
    I am planning to come back from Shimla to Delhi in second week of February. Do I need to do advance booking for HPTDC volvo bus well in advance. If I do not get the HPTDC ticket on the spot, are there any other private good bus services that I can use.

    Also how much time it takes to reach Chanderlok building at Janpath from delhi domestic airport on week day in the evening time.

    Many Thanks,

  7. Hello
    We are planning to travel from Shimla to Delhi overnight in November, ofcourse we will be arriving in Delhi then early morning, we want to take transport then to Agra, what do you suggest must be take a train or a bus and is there a station nearby to this arrival point of the Shimla-Delhi bus.

  8. Stephen it is best to take train from Delhi to Agra, buses take longer to reach there and aren’t the way to go, unless you are looking for sightseeing ones.

    New Delhi station is quite near Connaught Place, so you can take the train from there. Though do check the schedule and see whether or not an appropriate train is available from there to Agra, since many trains also start from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station and also from Old Delhi. Though you can always take metro from Connaught Place to Old Delhi and Auto/Taxi to Nizamuddin, as they aren’t too far away.

  9. Hi,

    I am travelling to shimla and i have booked ticket from HPDTC for 8:30PM departure.

    I have got the Boarding point as Himachal Bhawan, Mandi house.
    Could some one provide me the detials as i am new to delhi.
    Will the bus exactly start at the same point as menioned.

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