Manali – Kaza Highway reopens for two wheelers

Yesterday, GREF finally managed to reopen the Manali – Kaza Highway for two wheelers, and although the route is in bad condition, it is expected to open soon for heavy vehicles. That is when the official announcement about the reopening of the route would likely be made.

2013 has been particularly bad year for Manali – Kaza Highway with many glaciers reported to be on the road itself and are melting fast, which is leading to large puddles of water being created on the road and thus making snow clearing operations difficult.


While Manali – Kaza route has always been in bad condition, thanks to the above scenario, it is in an even worse situation right now and might just get closed for a few days, before reopening again. Hence all those planning to take this route are advised to go a little later in the month or begin their journey from Shimla side to ensure that GREF has at least a few days to stabilize this route.

Having said that, I really hope that Himachal Government along with GREF takes concrete steps to improve the condition of Losar – Gramphoo stretch, which would not only result in smoother ride for travelers, but also should make the road clearance work easier next year.

Till then of course, it is going to be a beloved stretch for all those who love off roads.


  1. Good news. 28 days left for me to get on this road, I think that is sufficient time. Last winter saw very good snow fall in the region, which would be another reason why there is too much water coming down. The state of the road is better than what it used to 5 years ago after it was handed over from HPPWD to BRO.

    I would be happy to see this road stay without tarmac. Or Kaza may become another Leh; Chandratal becoming another Pangong.

  2. Hello Yogesh,

    Im in Leh now waiting for the Leh-Kaza road to open up for my Enfield.. so first of all ‘apke muh me ghee-shakkar’ for this good news 🙂

    I hope to begin my ride back home via Sangla next week… I’ve been on the road with my Enfield since 3rd Dec’2012, so its relief at last for me after being in Leh since 7April’2013.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Sushil, wow! You are on a fantastic journey it seems and if in case you do have time, then please don’t attempt this route for at least a week or two. Right now it is in a terrible state and can easily close down due to glaciers sliding.

  3. Thanks a ton Yogesh for the added input, will consider riding ahead to Kaza after 20thJun… currently Ladakh is experiencing rain&snow for the past three days… high passes are difficult to cross for motorcycles now would wait for clear sunny sky… by the way I’ve seen may pulsars and avengers in Leh who have successfully crossed the treacherous Manali-Leh water-crossings, its truly a challenging experience for the bajaj riders on zapper-tyres.
    Thanks again.

    • Sushil same is also the case in Himachal and Kashmir as per the updates I am getting today from riders heading to Manali and Srinagar. Guess this year is one of those exceptional ones, which continues to test the grit of the riders :).

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