Ladakh, Heaven on Earth

Day 10: 13th September 2005 Pangong Tso

We all had mentally prepared ourselves to wakeup at three in the morning and thanks to the alarm set by Gupta ji (Sunil), we got up at the right time. But due to the cold weather no one wanted to get ready, so we decided to sleep for another thirty minutes. Gupta ji again set the alarm and we did wake up half an hour later, only to find the weather hadn’t changed at all and decided to sleep for another half an hour. This exercise was repeated till 6o’clock!!! After which almost every one was pissed off and didn’t wanted to getup, so Gupta ji said “I am leaving alone”. We thought he was kidding and didn’t think much of it, but 20 minutes later we got up and started looking for him. Only to find he had already left!

Shamik, Manik and I got ready in a jiffy, and with in ten minutes, we were warming up our bikes. Weather was not looking good and it looked like, it would start raining anytime, but boy were we wrong!

Good morning (view outside our cottage)

view from the guest house at tangste

We were riding as fast as possible, in an attempt to catch up with Gupta ji. But Mother Nature it seemed wanted to test us. Next thing we knew, we were caught in a snow storm and we didn’t have any choice, then to ride through it.

Just as we were feeling a bit down, we caught the first glimpse of pangong tso. This was just the thing we needed to get our spirits high and soon enough we spotted Gupta ji’s bike, parked in front of a small restaurant. After reuniting with Gupta ji, we decided to wait for the weather to clear up and at the same time enjoy a cup of tea. About an hour and a half later, weather started clearing up and it was time for us to start taking snaps of pangong tso.

Pangong tso

pangong tso

(From left to right) Manik, Me and Shamik (Photo Courtesy Sunil Gupta)

me, shamik and manik at pangong tso

About an hour and half later we were joined by Salil and Sumit, the duo had visited pangong tso at night, so they were not interested in getting up in the morning. After having breakfast at the restaurant, we decided to head to Spangmik.

But after we reached Spangmik, we decided to continue a little further. Pangong tso it seemed was enticing us to explore her more and more.

pangong tso

our motorcycles at pangong tso

pangong tso

The beauty of pangong tso just cannot be captured, no matter how much one tries. At an altitude of 4500m and 134kms long, it seems more like a miniature sea, then a lake.

We were thankful to the lord for bad weather, due to which pangong tso was devoid of the rush it sees on normal days.

dirt track from spangmik to chusul

our motorcycles beyond the village of spangmik at pangong tso

After spending three hours exploring pangong tso, we were getting hungry. We went back to the same restaurant and ordered another round of maggi noodles.

Salil, Sunil and Sumit wanted to attempt Marsimik La, while Shamik, Manik and I decided to stay at the restaurant instead. Couple of hours later, the trio returned. They weren’t able to attempt Marsimik la, due to bad weather and low fuel.

After spending another half an hour and clicking the final shots of the day, we decided to head back to Tanksey.

our motorcycle at evening at pangong tso

pangong tso at evening

This time we got us a couple of rooms in another hotel, after a fun filled day it was time to sleep. Tomorrow we would be crossing Chang la again, to go back to Leh.

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