Ladakh, Heaven on Earth

Day 11: 14th September 2005 Tangste - Leh

Today we were riding back to Leh, knowing the distance we had to cover, ever one was in a relaxed mood. By 11:30am we left Tanksey for Leh, but some how in all the frenzy to reach Leh fast, we took a wrong turn. But even a wrong turn in Ladakh is worth it, since the scenery more then makes up for it.

shyok valley

Arjun Caves

arjun caves

As Chang La got closer and we crossed the TCP to begin the final ascent, we knew this ride was going to be tough. By now; continues torture of riding in this terrain was becoming apparent and the cold weather was further robbing the bike of some power. This was the only time in the whole trip; my bike was showing signs of stress.

road to chang la

But she did not let me down and by 2o’clock we were at Chang La and it looked so good covered in snow.

chang la

snow covered chang la pass

Again we were treated to cups of tea, by the Indian army and we spent around an hour, listening to their stories of encounters with terrorists in Kashmir. After biding farewell to our new friends, we started our descent.

When we reached the TCP, Shamik, Manik, Sunil and I decided to stop there for a cup of tea. As we were about to go to the tea stall, the officer we met while going to Chang La couple of days back, saw us and came out to ask how our trip was. We thanked him once again for allowing us to go to pangong and told him we loved every bit of it and we will back next year.

After having tea and some snacks, we once again started our descent and this time I saw a beautiful village in the valley.



Rest of the journey was uneventful and made it to Leh by evening and went back to the same hotel.

When we came back after dinner, it was time for us to decide our next step. It was time for me and Shamik to head back home, while rest of the guys were in a fix, contemplating the next step. After an hour Manik and Sunil decided to accompany us to Srinagar, while Sumit and Salil decided to head to Zanskar.

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