Ladakh, Heaven on Earth

Day 12: 15th September 2005 Exploring Leh

In the morning Salil and Sumit left for Zanskar, while the rest of us were in no mood to leave. We decided to spend another day in Leh and explore Leh’s main market.

dogs surounding our motorcycle in leh's main market

Leh has the most unfriendly dogs I have ever seen in my life. Any way after shooing them away, we decided to head to Leh palace.

When we reached the palace, we were told by the guard that visiting time was over. Didn’t matter how much we tried, he just wouldn’t budge.

After spending ten minutes taking photographs, we were contemplating heading back to the city, when a Buddhist monk came on a scooter. He was curious about Shamik’s bike, since he had never seen a Honda Unicorn before and wanted me to take a photo of him on the bike.

monk posing on shamik's honda unicorn

After seeing his photo, he asked why we were here. We told him we couldn’t go inside that palace and wanted take few photos of it under the moonlight. He told me the palace is illuminated by lights after 7pm, hearing that I had only one thing in mind to get a good shot of the illuminated Leh palace.

For the next hour we sat a kilometer away from the palace, waiting for the lights to be turned on.

While waiting I did get a few evening shots of Leh city.

leh town at night

Finally our wait bared its fruit and Leh palace was illuminated. After fiddling with my camera, I finally got a good shot of Leh palace.

leh palace

After getting the shot I was looking for, we decided to head back to the main market for dinner.

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