Ladakh, Heaven on Earth

Day 7: 10th September 2005 Exploring Nubra Valley

After a good night sleep, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise. After getting ready, first thing in our mind was to find a decent breakfast, due to last nights ordeal both of us were hungry. This time we wanted to eat at a dhaba. Unfortunately for us the dhaba wasn’t opened yet and while making phone calls to home we came across a small tea stall which also served breakfast. When we inquired about what was available for breakfast we were told we could get paranthas and omelets. This was just the thing we needed. After waiting for 15-20 minutes we were served hot omelets and cold paranthas! Apparently they only had one stove, so they made paranthas first and then the omelets and in doing so the paranthas got cold, well so much for good food.

But the treat was to once again ride on the smooth roads with wonderful scenery.

beautiful nubra valley

reflection in water

Again we were to experience the transformation of landscape, this time from greener to sandy and we loved every bit of it. So much so that we had to take frequent and long breaks to try and capture the natural beauty, but no picture could do justice to what we saw and experienced.

my bike

desert in nubra valley

After backtracking for 20kms or so, we took the road going towards Panamik. After negotiating couple of bridges, we were once seeing the landscape change dramatically and it seemed more beautiful then ever before.

my bike

me and my bike posing for the camera

While most of the roads were in good condition, we came across a part where water from the nearby stream came onto the road. While most of the traffic took to a little bit of offroading in order to save them self from water, I was in a mood to get a little wet. So I decided to take it head on.

bike and the road

Splashing water with my bike (photo courtesy Shamik)

me riding

Most of the transformation that had taken place previously, happened when we went up or down a mountain. But now in front of us transformation was taking place on a straight road.

The barren landscape behind us


my bike in oasis

my bike

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