Bikers without Bikes

When Manik called me last night, I thought he was calling in to see why I couldn’t make it to Indiamike meet.

It turned out that rest of the gang; Manik, Salil, Sunil and Shamik got free from the meet by 11:30pm and when they went to underground parking at palika, they discovered the parking closes by 10:00pm!

With their bikes locked up, they were stuck in Connaught place, Manik asked me to come over. And I thought I would probably drop Manik or Salil to their place and they can pick up their cars and drop rest of the guys home.

When I reached palika parking, I found them sitting in front of the gate. We started discussing the matter and all we could do was laugh at the situation they were in. after contemplating what to do next, we decided to spend the night at the parking it self!

With a cool breeze it was fun to sit with friends and talk, talk, talk.

We stayed there till 5 in the morning and then decided to have some breakfast. After breakfast we still had couple of hours left before the parking would open. So we decided to go for a joy ride in the Delhi Metro. Went to the rajiv chowk and all of us got the tickets for Dwarka sector 9 (last station). Train ride was fun and the next couple of hours went by like any thing.

By 8c’clock we were back in cp, where the guys paid Rs.60 as fine and we were off to our homes. All in all a fun night it was…


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