Old memories revisited

Got a message on Saturday evening, it was Manik asking me to come over to the Qutab institutional area dhaba on Sunday morning. I in turn messaged Suhas to come over at the dhaba in the morning, so we could discuss his upcoming trip to ladakh.

Sunday morning and sure enough the regulars were there once again; Manik, Salil, Sunil, Shamik and I, soon Suhas (that’s too many S’s) also joined in. After the usual meet and greet, it was time to revisit the memory lanes. No matter what happens, we just can’t restrain ourselves from talking about our last year’s trip to ladakh.

Soon the topic was shifted to an upcoming trip the rest of the guys are planning for the month of June (lucky buggers). It was time for Manik to deliver his “Speech”

Manik, delivering his speech

After spending almost four hours there and the mercury rising to almost 40degree Celsius, it was time to head back home. Â


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