Beginning of new journey

When I started BCM Touring on the 18th of last month, I knew what direction I had to go. But I didn’t know which path to choose, slowly its becoming clearer to me.

Its kind of like Motorcycle Touring, a journey filled with butter smooth highways, bumpy state roads, snow caped peaks, sand filled trails, hotness of a desert, coldness of Himalayas, warmness of meeting old friends, excitement of making new friends, bitterness of finding fools who would for no reason cut your path, meeting strangers who go to great lengths to make you feel at home, seeing the real face of “Friends” who remind you that its better to have an intelligent enemy, rather then having a foolish friend, the excitement of waking up each day to go out and explore the unknown.

With all these mixed emotions, some time the path becomes hazy and on those moments we find strength from places we least expected from. Some time old friends meet at a corner and on these occasion you are once again reminded that the path maybe unknown, but as long as we keep going to the direction that we started our journey for, we will one day after getting battered, used up and tired arrive at our destination and we will look back and only one thing will come to mind, some time the journey itself matters more then the intended destination.

With this hope, I started this journey and I look forwarded to waking up each day to begin a new day of exploration.


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