Picture getting clearer

Finally I made up my mind about two crucial things with regards to my upcoming trip to Ladakh.

A. I will be carrying tent and sleeping bag even if I go solo (which I most probably will) and camp as much as possible, trying to experience Ladakh in the true sense rather then just experiencing the ride.

B. Even though I thought about not fixing up an itinerary before going to Ladakh, however today I realized what exactly I want to do once I reach there. So a rough itinerary is set for this ride, with couple of places kept as spare in case I have spare days or if I decide to skip one of the proposed places due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

As the trip date is fast approaching, it is becoming more apparent as to what exactly I want to achieve and experience. And as I talk to my buddies regarding this trip, my resolve and objectives become clearer every time!

Let’s hope I am able to achieve the objectives I have set for this “Big One”!


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  1. Shaz July 26, 2006

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