Ladakh trip preparation updates

Finally online after a long time, damn all these computer problems. Here are the updates regarding the preparation for the Ladakh trip:

Got the saddle bags made (will be posting pics soon); they look neat and will be a welcome addition for this Ladakh ride. For Rs.1000 they are a steal, thanks to Manik and Sunil for getting them made.

As for the motorcycle, here are few of the things I got done this weekend.

Got the swing arm, swing arm bushes, Air filter, spark plug, rear indicator bulb changed and got her washed as well. Here are the costs of getting every thing done

Pulsar Classic swing arm Rs. 576

Bushes Rs. 60

Air Filter Rs. 38

Spark Plug Rs. 50

Bulb Rs. 5

Labour including washing Rs. 160

This mechanic in Noida did a hell lot better work then Iqbal. While Iqbal was a nice guy to talk to, his mechanics weren’t that good and didn’t have most of the parts, add to that he over charged me and Sunil for the whole thing.

Also brought knee and elbow pads from big bazaar, for Rs.139 they are good even though I doubt they will provide much protection at 80+kmph. Also brought ready to eat food packages and red chilly sauce for the trip 😀


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