5 Days to go for ride back to ladakh…

Only 5 days to go and so much left to be done. With the itinerary almost getting finalized, it is time to arrange for permissions to go where few have gone and only few will go in the coming years. This trip to Ladakh is going to be the one the separates men from boys, hardcore tourers from travelers and it is time to prove to my self, that I can do what I think I can do.

With my sweetheart hitting 45000kms on the odometer today (around 45800kms actually, odometer didn’t work for almost 800kms) and my health being in a worse shape compared with last year, it is really going to be mind over matter sort of thing. Lets see if my determination is strong enough to push my over weight body and my four and half year old pulsar 180 over the toughest, remotest and harshest of terrains.

Got the cloths sorted out for the ride, also Manik got the knee pads and elbow pads from the tailor, now they are a good fit and hopefully I will never need to put them to a test. On the other hand I have to get my motorcycles wheel alignment done soon, the handle is shaking between 60-70kmph. I have also decided to get a new helmet for this ride, some thing comfortable yet protective. Also I need to get the BCM Touring stickers made, not to mention get a hair cut, attend a friend’s engagement, get a can for petrol, get the engine oil, few more spares, medicines etc. etc. etc.

Boy this week is going to be a hectic one…


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