Long day purchasing

Did a lot of shopping today, brought loads of stuff for the trip, here’s the list:


1. Tank bag: got a locally made tank bag for Rs. 535 from Chopra @ Karol Bagh, quite nice and will be able to hold ample stuff and looks to be quite good.

2. Bungee ropes: got 5 bungee ropes for Rs.100 from Chopra @ Karol Bagh

3. goggles: brought riding goggles from Chopra for Rs.125

4. helmet visor: got my helmets visor changed for Rs.35, looked at other helmets but didn’t like any of them so decided to stick with this one for the Ladakh trip

5. Wind cheater/water proof jacket: brought a good windcheater cum water proof jacket for Rs.150 from Karol Bagh

6. clutch plates: since I already had two spare clutch plates, decided to buy four more for Rs. 145

7. brakelight bulb: got the brake light bulb for Rs. 15

8. m-seal: got a small packet of m-seal for Rs. 5

9. wheel alignment: got the wheel alignment done for Rs. 150 for both wheel

10. tools and spares: brought following spares and tools: iron rods for removing tires, 8 no T, electricians tape, sand paper, multi meter, wd40, tire patches, solution for attaching tire patches.

Beside this also got BCM Touring stickers made for my motorcycle, not to forget I had a puncture today. This is FKR’s first puncture, hope they will be able to hold up during the trip to Ladakh.

Beside this only a few more things need to be purchased for the trip and bike is almost ready for the ride. But still a lot of homework needs to be done regarding the route.

Phew… only four days to go for the ride, hope every thing will be ready by then.� �


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