Road side mechanics are a parasite…

Road side mechanics are a parasite that can ruin ones bike!!! Remember this line when you think about taking your motorcycle to a road side mechanic no matter what his damn reputation is.

I made the mistake of taking my motorcycle to one such jackass today, nothing major had to be done only a con set that needed to be changed. Simple task I thought, but when that nincompoop was ready to deliver my bike, the first thing I noticed was a deep scar on the front of the petrol tank. Next I took my bike for a test ride, next thing I notice the handling is totally screwed up, the bike is falling on one side.

Took her back to that numskull, who claimed it was like it when I brought her to him! After a bit of arguing he started his further steps to ruin my motorcycle, all the while claiming it wasn’t his fault and the bike was like this to begin with. After a bit of tinkering, he proceeded to tight the nut that attaches handle headlight mounts etc, in the procedure he broke that nut!!! By this time the light was gone and it was too late to get any thing done. So after a bit of threatening and a promise from his owner and my friend (who owns the shop they are renting) I had to bring her home. Her handling is totally screwed and she is swaying from one side to another while riding.

Tomorrow morning I will be going back to his piece of shit shop to get her fixed properly, if that asshole fails to do this then I will be fixing him …


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