packing blues…

Did some packing, trying hard not to think about what has happened. Hopefully the bike will be fixed in the morning and I will be able to leave on time.

On the other hand Delhi is getting lot of rain and temperatures have plummeted. Just thinking about this makes me wonder what is happening right now in Manali and more importantly Rohtang Pass and beyond. I guess this will be another wet, cold and harsh ride, tougher then the last years ride.

Coming back to packing, even though I am carrying saddle bag, tankbag, a backpack tied to the rear seat and a small day pack, it is hard to fit every thing in. Especially due to the empty jerry can that I am carrying for petrol, that has occupied over one third of the left hand side saddle bag. I guess I will have to take two liters of Caltex Revtex 20w50 engine oil to make space for spare tubes, instead of the three liters I was originally planning to take. Beside this I will probably have to buy a bigger day bag and skip some of the things I was originally planning to carry.

Let’s see what happens in the next 25 hours before the scheduled departure time…


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  1. Varun September 2, 2006

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