India has put Pak on notice: PM

“Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, while addressing a meeting of senior commanders of the armed forces, said that the government of India has put Pakistan on notice and told the Pakistan government that it would not be possible to carry on peace talks if it failed to contain terrrorism.

“We have put Pakistan on notice saying that any democratic government of India would find it difficult to continue on the present path of addressing all outstanding issues unless the government of Pakistan clearly deals with the issue of terrorism. The India-Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Institutional Mechanism will be a test of Pakistani intentions and capabilities to implement the assurances they have given us since January 2004,” Dr Singh said.”

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When I read this it reminded me of an SMS that I received on the Independence Day, here is the message that I received that day:

“On September 21st 1857 William Hudson set out with 50 men to capture then Indian emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, the king gave up quietly…

8th of August 2006 United Nation again refused to understand cross border terrorism, Manmohan Singh gave up quietly… Happy Independence Day!”

The news that you read above is part of rhetoric our politicians use to come in news and the SMS you read above is the naked truth that we have seen happening so many times in our country’s history that we come to expect this and few if any of us react to it!


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