Engulfed by my passions?

“Why is it that all your friends are bikers and photographers?”

This was something I didn’t expect to hear from my sis when I was telling her about the upcoming Pushkar trip and who all would be accompanying me on the ride. However what she said was quite true, I think there is hardly any one whom I call a friend who doesn’t likes motorcycles/cars/bikes/photography.

Is it because I am too shallow a person to have friends from other walks of life?

I certainly hope not and it is up to you to judge, all I can say in my defense is that I am so engulfed by my passions that I have little time or willingness to participate in any thing else.

I am the kind of a person who would stay up all night reading and posting replies to forums that cater to Motorcycles, Travel, Technology and Photography. Every month I gulp down at least two-three Automobile magazines, yet I find no time to read news paper!

I ride 25kms and occasionally 35+kms one way each week to attend BCM Touring Meets, yet I find it hard to visit my friend who lives couple of kms from my house.

While my room is a mess I spend hours polishing my motorcycle.

While my computer monitor is always clean and shines like new and even a small path of dirt on the screen makes me running in search of Colin and a cloth to clean it, my Television which is placed only a couple of feet’s away from my computer monitor is covered in dust.

While people dream of owning a big house and earning lot of money, I dream of riding in Mongolia on my motorcycle.

If you were to ask me the route from house to ISBT (Delhi interstate Bus station) I would be lost for words, however if you were to ask me how to get to Korzok from Leh I would be drawing you a map and giving you details regarding road conditions.

For most a perfect dinner means sitting in a fancy restaurants and ordering mouth watering cuisines, for me it would be some where in the middle of nowhere next to camp fire eating beans.

By now you must have gotten sick of my blabbering, however trust me when I say, this is nothing compared with what all I say when I meet a person who is even remotely interested in what I do. I guess I do need to make friends who like other activities, but first I have to plan for the weekend trip to Pushkar 😀


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