Time for some desert action…

After visiting the highest and coldest desert in the world in the month of September, it is time now to visit the desert country itself, yes I mean Rajasthan.

There is quite a contrast between the ride in September and the ride that is I am about to undertake over the weekend. First off it won’t be as cold as ladakh and neither is it situated in hills. However this time around I will be riding in a group and that too a big group, comprising of 12 riders and steeds. The high point of this ride would be camping which I would be doing for the first time in my life and that too in the middle of a desert with like minded tourers.

With a little over 32hours to go it is crunch time with a lot of things to be done, among them is the idling issue with my motorcycle that I have been facing for a while and still haven’t gotten fixed due to the strike in Delhi. Add to that this is the first time I will be riding with 11more riders, the maximum riders I have ridden with on a trip so far have been 7.

With a lot to do tomorrow, I just hope every thing goes according to the plan and schedule and I come back with lots of photos of the Pushkar Camel fair.


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