Are we pushing it too far?

When I started actively participating in the weekly g2g’s of “India’s largest online biking club”, we use to take cops for granted. Knowing fully well that most likely than not, they will not stop us for speeding/stunting etc., simply because we were way down their priority.

But it now it seems that too many people have been doing this way too often. While this has meant that there is more cop presence on the Taj Express way and DND is now a playground for cops with speed guns, it makes me wonder how long is it before Delhi bikers start witnessing crackdown by cops like it happens in Bangalore. Â

Till now the biggest thing that has worked for the bike clubs in Delhi who have a habit of breaking law every week is the very fact that till now there hasn’t been much media attention to the negative aspects of their deeds. Hence the higher authorities haven’t given the orders to crack down, but with the numbers of biking group, especially stunts and racing groups in Delhi increasing by the minute and conduct of their members getting out of control it is only a matter of time till the authorities and media takes notice…


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