There are things in life which are worse than death, for a bird it has to be getting its wings clipped and being locked up in a cage with a view from the window of the outside world where its counterparts are playing and flying with joy.

As I write this at 2:00AM I feel as if I have suffered the same fate, yes my wings have been taken away from me and I am locked in a cage called New Delhi! Shackled by responsibilities and other worldly constraints and worse still it was a decision that I had to make! Â

I decision that I regret, however when I think about the reasons behind this decision, it feels justified! Some time we have to give up some dreams in pursuit of other challenges and dreams, this is one of them. Thankfully this is only temporary, supported by friends and family I know I will not only accomplish what I have setout to achieve, I will also regain my wings soon.

Ending this with the famous last words: I will be back! Â


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