Bajaj Pulsar Ads

Here is a video of Bajaj Pulsar Ad collection posted on youtube by a gent
called Guru Parsad.

It contains all of the Ads of Bajaj Pulsar and has a run time of 4:35minutes,
here is the list of ads shown in this compilation:

1. It’s a boy: the original Ad of Bajaj Pulsar classic, this is the favorite ad
of most of the people if not all.

2. The lift Ad: the second ad of Bajaj Pulsar classic that came out, a guy
giving lift to different girls.

3. Definitely male: another ad of Bajaj Pulsar classic, this had the shortest
air time and I guess was banned in the end. Never the less a good comic watch 😀

4. DTSI: the first ad of Bajaj Pulsar DTSI v1 where the DTSI (actually a pulsar classic with dtsi clothing) over takes a Bajaj Pulsar classic (actually a DTSI in classic’s clothing!) while pulling a wheelie followed by stoppie and then a donut!

5. Digital world: one of the boring ads of pulsar clan, featuring the DTSI v1.
The demise of the quality of pulsar ads started from this!

6. Landing ad: the most stupidest ad of the compilation, featuring DTSI v2.
Pulsar is seen landing from air and than taking off!

7. Riding on a dam!: this is another stupid ad featuring DTSI v2.1 riding on a
dam to reach Ramgarh!


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