Bajaj Pulsar enters into the books of Mexican History

There were ninety beauties in all. Those, who had won many hearts for years. But it was an Indian, “Definitely Male” that was charming many more this time. No, it was not yet another beauty contest, and not yet another Indian beauty getting crowned.
It was one of the most coveted car rallies events in the Latin America called “Carrera Panamericana” (Spanish for, the car-way that spans across the American continent) that over 50 years has been known for the adventure and pride of driving the Vintage cars.
It was the first time in the history that a motorcycle was allowed to participate in this challenging race. And it was none other than the ‘Definitely male’ of the Indian roads – Bajaj Pulsar180, that was being admired by the Latinos.
What was so special about this race? Not just that it meant that the participants had to cover 3000 km in just seven days, but also, that the route was torturous. It span across the mountainous coast at Veracruz on the Gulf side, ran across the plains of Pubela, across the mega city of Mexico and also the highest range of mountains in Mexico. It also meant that the machines and the riders would experience the extremes of the weather conditions within short span of times.
It challenged the participants with the ‘need for speed’ on one hand and their driving skills in the curves along the dangerous valleys. Completing the track successfully, on a bike was never even thought of before, even as Mexico has had a history of biking sport and the all other big-wigs, Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki can be seen with their Heroes zooming across the streets across any city there.
The race attracted 90 participating teams across Eurpoe, United States and Mexico. It witnessed some of the most expensive Vintage cars, with their value about USD 400,000!
However, the history was made when Bajaj Pulsar180, with some small modifications, became the first bike to complete the prestigious event and we are sure this is just a beginning.

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