Looking back at 2006

It is 21st of December and in 10 days, 2006 will be over. Looking back at this year I am a bit disappointed. Although I went back to ladakh for round 2 and did a few more trips, I think I should have done more. Some stats of what I did in 2006:

January: Small ride to Rajasthan 400+kms 1day

March: Jamwa Ramgarh Tal 583kms 1day

April: Sarahan 1180kms 3days

June: Chail 800kms 2days

September: Ladakh 3815kms 18days

October: Vrindavan 336kms 1day

November: Pushkar 1200+kms 3days

If we tally all this it means that I only did 7 rides this year and out of that only 4 were multiple day trips. It also means I did 8500kms and 29days worth of touring this year.

If I look at it from a normal persons point of view that means quite a bit of touring, but since I consider my self as a hardcore tourer this is just shameful. To add to the woes I am going to be a bit preoccupied for the coming months (for reference read Grounded).

One thing is for sure, I have one New Year resolution that I intend to keep for the next year, at least one ride per month!


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