Indiaon2wheels: Indias first online motorcycle magazine

1,108,586,530 people, millions of two wheelers, over 26million net users, yet India has no and I repeat no online motorcycle magazine.But all that has changed today, BCM India the same team which brought you, India’s first touring portal, presents, India’s first online motorcycle magazine.

Through India on 2 wheels we will satisfy your thirst for motoring nirvana by bringing you the best from the biking world, be it bike reviews (Powerband), articles catering to the Indian motorcycle enthusiasts, reviews of biking gear, club features, exclusive interviews, travel stories and exclusive photos and videos all a click away. Unlike the usual print magazines we will be publishing stories and reviews on a weekly basis to keep you updated on the latest from the biking world.

All this is yours for a princely sum of Rs. 0 per month.

Check out India’s first online motorcycle magazine, India on 2 wheels


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