Spammers, who are they fooling?

Spam a dreaded word that most people who use internet are familiar with and if you happen to manage websites like I do, then you will understand the magnitude of the spam I am talking about.

Most of the time its either porn links, links to buy medicines or stuff like that. I get these in my email as well as on my sites and blogs, in case of the emails they are either taken care of by the spam filter or they are easily spotable and hardly take couple of seconds to delete.

As for the forum spam or blog spam that I have to deal with on a daily basis, well either those are dealt by the spam blockers or deleted in few minutes by our moderators or me. That brings me to the larger question on why such people still exist and try these underhand tactics when they know less than 1% of their link will survive.

I guess it is due to the 1% webmasters/blog owners who don’t monitor their site that these spammers are encouraged. So if you are one of that 1% webmaster/blog owner then wakeup! Enable comment moderation in your blog, enable image and email verification in your forum and start policing them strictly. Adopt zero tolerance towards these spammers and maybe, maybe these freaks will disappear or at the very least become fewer in number!


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