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There are many people who have asked me, which host I am using right now to host this blog & site and my other websites. Well I am my own host; currently I have a linux reseller account with Known Host on which I am hosting my sites. The domains are booked through Godaddy, I was previously hosted with them and even though their support wasn’t that good, but their service and uptime sure was. 

But when I first thought of starting more websites and traffic for BCM Touring started increasing, I started to look for a bigger account which could host all of my sites without any problems. This is when I first came across known host and decided to go with them when all my pre-sale queries were answered in less than 30minutes at any time of day.

After I signed-up I was fearful that their support might not be as good as their sales department, however I was proven wrong! Their support is quite good and their staff is quite courteous, since I am in India and known host is located in USA, it feels good to know that their support is actually online 24×7 and is ready and willing to help out customers like me. Add to this their email/web ticket system works well, which was what I was looking for since it would have proved too costly to call them for support each time.

Overall I am vary happy with their service and in case you are looking for a host then go for them.


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