Need is the mother of all inventions…

It is a saying that, “Need is the mother of all inventions” and it certainly holds true in our case. First let me fill you in on a little background of this blog entry:

As you can read from my previous post, I have recently started an online motorcycle magazine called Indiaon2wheels with the help of my friends. Now motorcycle magazines need to benchmark and test motorcycles/scooters and since we all know how much those overoptimistic speedometers can be trusted, there is a need for a dedicated testing equipment to accurately collect data. Now in case of big budget print magazines which have fat wallets, there are several equipments for this purpose, for instance VBOX III from Racelogic. In case of smaller magazines this is done by various other means, including using a handheld stopwatch etc. which isn’t as accurate as VBOX III and leaves a huge margin for human as well as equipment error.

In our case, I wanted a system which was foolproof, easily available in India, and above all as accurate as possible. If only these wishes would come true, in any case, since I wasn’t able to find a system like this, I decided to invent one to solve our problem.

Presenting to the world; KRAAGL-4

What does it do?

At this moment it can successfully measure quarter mile timings of motorcycles, scooters, cars etc.

Does it works?

Yes, but as it happens with all new inventions, the first trails didn’t went that well because of a glitch in the settings, which was later corrected by me. However because of that we had to once again retest the vehicle. However at the end of the day it went smoothly and we got the data we were looking for and it proved more accurate than I hope it would.

Can we buy it?

Not at this moment, I am going to be filling a patent for this and once I receive that patent, I will launch this so you can try it out as well!

Can you tell us more?

Sorry, not at this moment since saying any thing more can expose sensitive information which I really don’t want to do till I receive the patent.

But rest assured, you will be seeing its results on Indiaon2wheels in the coming weeks and months, and let me assure you it is one heck of a testing equipment which we will be using in all our future test and reviews.

Happy motoring…


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