Problem with the blog skin

I have been facing a peculiar problem with this blogs skin, in Internet Explore 6, the first post instead of coming at the top, comes on the middle of the page. Here are couple of screenshots to depict the problem:

This is one is taken in the firefox, as you can see formatting is fine:

Here is another screenshot, this time this was taken in the IE6. As you can see the formatting is totally screwed-up.

Problem is this started happening all of a sudden. It’s not like I added anything or changed any settings, it just appeared out of the blue. After trying out tons of thing I posted regarding this in the wordpress support forum, got one reply pointing to few XHTML errors. Which were mainly due to the youtube video and diggit plugin. But these weren’t the reason behind this problem; sadly I didn’t get any reply after I posted this in their forums.

I guess I would have to change the skin, even though I love this one.


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