Return to Himalayas Lahaul Spiti

It’s been almost a year since my last ride to Himalayas; in fact the last ride to Himalayas was my trip to Ladakh in September.

Back then it was a solo ride spanning over 18 days, this time around this is going to be another solo ride, but it’s going to be considerably smaller, only 8 days.

Bike is standing out side, washed, tank is full of petrol, prepared for the ride and luggage is all packed up. I have gotten a hair cut and a shave, looks like I am almost ready.

Is there some thing I am forgetting??? Err… I haven’t yet finalized my itinerary yet, but I guess I have rough sketch of it right now and I will be taking the Himachal map along as well.

So I guess it should be ok, well will try to report between the trip if possible, else will see you all on the 17th.


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