Movie Review: 100 days with Mr. Arrogant

Just finished watching this 2004 Korean movie called, 100 days with Mr. Arrogant. It’s a romantic comedy about a school girl who ends up damaging Lexus 430 of a rich brat and has to sign an Enslavement Agreement lasting 100 days to pay off the damages.

100 days with mr arrogant

The movie is in Korean, so unless you know how to understand Korean, you will end up reading the subtitles for the entire length. This according to me takes away quite a bit of fun. However, despite this small niggle; the movie is definitely worth watching. Even though the camera work is mediocre to say the least and direction is certainly lacking, not to mention any stellar performance by any character.

However the comedy scenes delivered at the right moment will keep you laughing for the better part of this movie. Even though acting of Ha Ji-Won (heroine) is less acting and more over acting, she will manage to get a chuckle out of you every couple of minutes.

In some ways it is like a Bollywood movie and there is enough drama which I feel gets a little overboard towards the end and it becomes too mushy and emotional for my taste.

This movie manages to get 6/10 from me and a thumb up, good little fun to watch alone or with friends over the weekend.


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