Are we all hypocrites?

How many times have you come across threads in online discussion forums where “bikers” seem to be bashing people who don’t wear helmets?

It seems to me, that such bashing is becoming the in thing, where people seem to believe that they won’t be called “real bikers” unless they bash all those who don’t wear helmets while riding two wheelers.

You might be wondering why I am complaining about this, while I should actually be doing the same thing!

Well the thing is, more than half of those who are actually bashing people for not wearing helmets would actually remove their own helmets while riding their bikes if they knew cops weren’t going to catch them! And no where is this more apparent than when one is touring to remote places. Whether it is for small off road ride or a stroll in the small city, it seems that all that “wear your helmet” advice becomes all of a sudden, redundant!

Heck even I am guilty of following this practice occasionally!

So for once, let’s stop caring about others and bashing those who don’t wear helmets and let’s start looking at what we are doing when no one is watching.

Ps. this is the 150th post of this blog…


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