Movie Review: Chak De India

Finally watched Chak De India today, I know what you are thinking, the movie has been out since August and it’s only now that I have watched it!

Chak De India

Well the thing is, I am not that big a fan of Shahrukh Khan or for that matter Hindi movies. So I never bother to go to a movie hall to watch one, I only do it once my lazy cable operator decides to show it on his movie channel.

In any case, back to the review.

Well as most of you already know, the story is about a young rising hockey star. Who becomes the most hated sport personality in India and leaves sport and his home for good. Then after 7 years decides to regain his pride by coaching the woman’s hockey team for the world cup.

For starters the movie is quite funny, as it documents the story of female hockey players who come to the training camp to go to the world hockey championship and suddenly have to adjust to other players from different backgrounds and states.

However this is where the fun ends, the dialogue delivery of Shahrukh Khan isn’t impressive at all as he tries to instill a burning flame into the hearts of the players to play for the country. His dialogues at crucial juncture sound a bit boring and devoid of any feelings!

Then comes the actual time when the players play against the various teams from around the world and this is where I really wished that director would have gotten some actual woman hockey players and would have shot them, instead of shooting the “actresses” who fail pathetically in acting on field! This is also the point that I lost my interest in the movie and actually yawned!

Oh well, not a complete waste of time thanks to the subtle dosage of comedy.

I will give this movie a 5 out of 10 and I really hope the Indian directors start recruiting real players for on field action.


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