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Do you know Mercedes is the, the car to own in north India?


Because people up north (no offense any one, I too was born and brought up in north India) believe in showing off their wealth to the max and nothing says money, power and bling like a Mercedes Benz!

Don’t believe me?

Well here are some stats for you, according to the news reports the city with maximum number of Mercedes isn’t Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or even Chennai, this title belongs to Ludhiana!

Why is that?

Because people in Ludhiana like to flaunt, enter the city limits and you will start seeing garages which specialize in making limousines and even then the favorite car to get converted in to a limousine is none other than the Mercedes. It seems Ludhianvis have a fixation about Mercedes, after all there are plenty of luxury cars in the market, yet it is the Mercedes which gets their maximum votes.

I guess it’s some thing I would never understand, after all I believe in utility over form and status and I love to relax while driving my own vehicles rather than being driven around while I go through economic times.

However if you are one of those who love Mercedes as much as Ludhianvis or you are a Ludhianvi then check out the Mercedes Blog, it’s the perfect blog for Mercedes fans like you.


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