Movie review: I Am Legend

On Sunday I went to cinema hall to see Will Smith’s latest movie, I am Legend.

i am legendI am Legend is a Sci-Fi movie about an experiment gone wrong, which ends up wiping out almost the entire human civilization and manages to mutate few people to Dark Seekers (fancy name for zombies).

Even though it’s essentially a zombie movie with a scientific angle, it actually manages to captivate the audience. In fact this is only the second zombie movie that I have actually enjoyed, first one being 28 days later.

In fact I liked I am Legend more than 28 days later, mainly due to Will Smith stellar performance. Which I believe should be enough to get him an Academy award and maybe even an Oscar!

The only thing I didn’t like about this movie as the fact that it was too short! If only the directors had added 20-30 minutes of more story in the film, it would have been just perfect!

Here is the brief synopsis of the movie:

A genetically re-engineered measles virus called Krippin Virus or KV, created as a cancer cure by Dr. Alice Krippin (Emma Thompson), rapidly spreads and more than 99% of the people on the planet by the end of 2009 are either killed or infected; leaving fewer than one percent immune. The infected survivors initially exhibit the early symptoms of rabies, but then degenerate into an animal state driven by hunger and blind rage.

Military virologist Robert Neville (Will Smith) is the last healthy human survivor in New York City and possibly the world. Neville is watched by the “Infected” people, who react painfully to UV radiation, forcing them to be nocturnal. Avoiding sunlight, they hide in buildings during the day (in groups called “hives” by Neville), swarming out at night.

Will Smith’s only companion for these three year are his daughter’s dog Samantha (Sam), and several mannequins he placed in a video store, Will Smith’s life centers around a strict, daily routine of working out, researching a cure, foraging for food and supplies, and security.. He is regularly haunted by flashbacks of his wife’s and daughter’s deaths while being evacuated during the chaotic, militarily enforced quarantine of Manhattan in 2009. He also waits each day for a response to his continuous radio broadcasts to any uninfected survivors. One day his research appears to find a promising treatment, so he captures and treats an infected woman, but without apparent success. Shortly after, he is ensnared by a trap and attacked by the Infected. He escapes, but is forced to put down Sam because she has been bitten by an infected dog and begins to transform into one of them…

For rest watch the movie!


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