Finally went for a small ride

Finally managed to hit the highway after over a month, though this was a short ride as well. This time I went on the NH-1 with Salil, Varun, Manik, Sumeet and Paritosh from Delhi and we rode till Haveli dhaba just after the Karnal toll plaza.

There we met up with Akshay who came from Chandigarh to meet us and there we ended up having tea. After tea and a bit of chatting we road back to Oasis where we met Varun’s friend and finally went to the Zhilmil dhaba for a stupendous breakfast of hot paranthas and tea.

Just the thing we needed on a cold January morning, after spending some quality time at the dhaba we decided to start our journey back to Delhi. On the way I stopped in Panipat to buy the famous panchranga achaar, Rs. 50 for a kilo, not a bad deal.

By four o’clock I was back at home, having had a fantastic ride and happy with the fact that bike was ultra smooth during the course of the whole ride.

The only photo I took during the course of this ride.

gang at nh 1


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