Traveling solo is better than traveling in a group

When I first started taking interest in touring, I would ride solo on the NH-8 to test how far I could ride without butt aches, pushing myself a little further each time.

In fact my first proper long distance trip (Delhi-Jaipur-Delhi) was a solo one, my first Himalayan ride was solo (Delhi-Manali-Delhi), even my biggest trip till date was done solo (Ladakh 2006).

Me and my bike in Changthan region of Ladakh in 2006

Having done all this and more, I have come to believe that traveling alone at times is better than traveling in a group, because:

Freedom: Traveling with a person or a group means, you have to adhere to few pre determined rules and often ride the way rest of the people want. While if you are traveling alone, you can ride they way you want, stop where you want to, do what you desire and change your plans on the fly depending on your mood. Basically you are free to do what you want and not be constrained by any one else.

More open to interactions: If you are traveling in a group, people will be apprehensive about approaching you and you will be less inclined to talk to strangers. However if you are traveling solo, you are much more approachable and more inclined to talk with complete strangers, which can often lead to interesting conversations and can help you get in touch with the local culture and traditions.

No drama: While most will like to believe that traveling with a bunch of experienced travelers wouldn’t actually mean the drama that we normally get to see on reality TV, the truth is, egos and ideologies clash on a regular basis. Which can at time lead to situation where you feel alone in a crowd and it can ruin the spirit and mood of the whole trip. Traveling solo allows you to concentrate on traveling, exploring and experiencing part of the trip, with no room for drama.

While I do enjoy the company of fellow my tourers and would certainly like to travel in a group again, I have a feeling that at majority of the time it would just be me, my bike and my camera.


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