If you are advising others about writing, then write well!

It seems these days, advising people on how to blog or how to write, is becoming the next big thing. And every one from kids in school to retired people seem to be jumping into this foray, even if they haven’t written any thing prior to their “new money making, online venture”.

While this might be expected from kids, it surprises me when a person who ought to know better, does something of this sort. Take for example this guest blog post on Problogger, written by Rob Siders.

While the post is on 5 “killer ways” to improve writing, the first few lines were boring enough to prompt me to write this post, and that too only because in last couple of days I have come across quite a few blogs and blog posts of this nature and I am fed up with the whole trend of advising people on how to do certain things, which the author hasn’t done him/herself!

I didn’t read any of the tips that Rob offered and it is highly unlikely that I would ever read them, because when I want advice on writing, I will take it from a person, whose writing I appreciate and admire.


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