Motivational travel quotes

The other day Amit (darth_lucifer) came up with this brilliant idea for a thread on BCMTouring about motivational travel quotes.

The catch, you have to not only come up with the quote, you have to write it on a photograph that kind of fits in with the quote.

Here are couple of quotes I came up with:

You can lie in the comfort of your bed and dream of a place like this or you can get off your ass, do some hardships and be a part of the dream!

Me and my bike in suru valley

A road less taken is more memorable than the smoothest road in the world…

Me and my bike in Panikhar, suru valley ladakh

Here is the link to the thread on BCMTouring, the thread actually picks up from the second page onwards.

Ps. Both the photographs were taken in Suru Valley last year.


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