Fujicell 2700 mAH Ni-MH AA battery review

I had purchased a pair of Fujicell 2700 mAH Ni-MH AA battery in June last year, just before starting for my Spiti trip. Today I am writing the review of Fujicell batteries to let every one know of my harrowing experience with them.

I had to purchase Fujicell 2700 mAH Ni-MH AA battery under pressure, since I discovered barely 12 hours before my journey that one of the pair of Uniross 2100 mAH Ni-MH batteries I had, was missing. This meant I had only one pair of battery left and I didn’t wanted to go to Spiti with only one pair of battery.

After spending over an hour going from one shop to another, I discovered that in shops near my home, Fujicell 2700 mAH Ni-MH batteries were the only one with a 4 digit mAH rating. Hesitantly I decided to go ahead and pay a hefty premium, since I didn’t want to go all the way to Nehru Place (20+ kms away) to buy batteries.

From the first day itself it had the problem of not charging properly and this is some thing I discovered after the battery died on the first day of my trip, when I hadn’t even clicked 25 photographs. However I thought it was a one off incident and most probably it was my fault that I didn’t charge the battery properly. In fact after an overnight charge, the battery started working properly and lasted for almost the same duration as the pair of 2300 mAH Uniross batteries I was carrying.

While I wasn’t impressed by their performance, I wasn’t too disappointed either, and I was in fact happy that it was working properly. However happiness was short lived as I discovered during the course of past few months, these batteries are quite moody i.e. they sometime charge properly and deliver the same performance as that of Uniross ones, however majority of the time, they just die after clicking a dozen or so photographs.

This means I just can not rely on them, as they have a habit of failing me, when I need them the most. Day before yesterday, after fully charging them, I decided to click a few photographs of my bike’s headlamp setup and they died after clicking less than a dozen photographs and that too without flash!

That is absolutely pathetic, and I don’t think I can live with them any longer. Next week I would be going to Nehru Place, specifically to purchase a pair of Uniross or Eveready battery and immediately after that, I would be throwing away the Fujicell 2700 mAH Ni-MH batteries.

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