Preparation for the crazy Himalayan ride is on

It looks like I’ll be riding out this Saturday, to undertake the most excruciating trip of my life (here is the background on the trip I am planning).

However before I undertake this journey, I need to get my motorcycle back in good condition. After all she has done Spiti as well as Ladakh on the same clutch plates and chain set, which I have a feeling, need to be replaced before this trip.

Since I’ll be going solo on this ride (a friend might join in at Kalka) and covering quite a bit of distance during night, I need to ensure my motorcycle is in good condition and I am mentally and physically prepared for the journey, which I expect, would last for at least 22 hours.

Only on two occasions have I ridden for over 20 hours in a single day and on one of those occasions, I had fallen asleep twice, while riding!

Sleep is going to be my biggest foe on this trip and I would have to do my best to fight it and stay alert, which especially during night, is hard to do.

However this is what going to make this trip special and interesting and is going to make me feel alive, again.


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