Indian motorcycles are best for touring in Himalayas!

Majority of Indian bikers’ dream of owning an imported motorcycle and I am no different, in fact I can’t wait for the day I would be able to purchase a BMW F650 (my personal favorite). However there is a practical side of me, which knows that owning and touring on an imported motorcycle isn’t what it’s made out to be.

Here are few reasons why Indian motorcycles are better suited for touring in Himalayas (my favorite region for touring) than imported ones:

Amount of attention they bring: Let’s face it, majority of people who buy imported motorcycle in India, buy it because of all the attention they manage to attract. While it is fun in the city, while touring it can be frustrating. Imagine people asking the same silly things over and over again (how much mileage, cost, where is the nos bottle etc.) at each and every place you stop. Not to mention all the sleepless nights you’ll have, wondering if your bike is safe in the parking lot.

Easy availability of spare parts: Unless you own an Indian motorcycle that isn’t quite common, chances are you will find spare parts for it easily even in remote places or at the most would have to take a bus/taxi to a nearby city/town to get the required part. But in case of an imported motorcycle, you would only be able to find spare parts for it in Metros and even then you might have to wait for a few months for them to arrive.

Poor quality of Petrol: Lets face it; petrol quality in India has never been something to rave about, our motorcycle manufacturers know about this fact and manufacture motorcycles accordingly. However that poor imported thing isn’t used to it and at times can choke with the impure petrol that our motorcycles can drink with ease. In city you might have the luxury of picking out the best petrol pumps; however in places where there is only one petrol bunk for several hundred kilometers, you have to use what they sell.

While I can go on and list a few more of the negative aspects of touring on an imported motorcycle in India, I guess you get the general idea and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.


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