How to prepare for a 20+ hour road trip?

With less than 24 hours to go for the Crazy Himalayan Ride, there is a question doing round in my head (courtesy Hitanshu), how does one actually prepare for a 20+ hour ride?

After all a human being is programmed to stay awake for a maximum of 16-18 hours a day and that too in every day setting, which for most, isn’t as hectic as touring.

So should I do meditation to achieve trance like state or should I take heavy dosage of coffee, tea, energy drinks etc. to stay awake?

While I would love to tell you a surefire way of doing this, fact is, I really don’t know either.

As far as this ride goes, the only thing I am planning to do to condition myself for it is to take a nap during the day time and go to sleep in the evening at ~7:30 and hopefully wake up by ~2:30 am tomorrow and start the ride by ~3:30am.

If I look at my touring history, the odds are stacked against me and likely I wouldn’t get any sleep before the actual ride.

Apart from this, I wouldn’t be taking any energy drinks with me, though I would probably drink a couple of cold drinks and maybe a cup of tea during the course of this ride. Also I am not really into yoga or meditation.

So will I be able to complete this trip, without falling asleep while riding?


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