Crazy Himalayan ride begins

Every thing is set and I am about to leave for the Crazy Himalayan Ride.

However, once again things haven’t gone the way I wanted them to go. Once again I didn’t get as much rest as I wanted; in fact I went to sleep at around 9pm and woke up by 12:15am. With a little over 3 hours of sleep, this not only means I haven’t got as much sleep as I wanted; it also means I have to be awake for longer period than what I had initially planned for.

If every thing goes as planned and I do manage to complete this trip in 22 hours as I had initially planned, it would still mean that I would have to stay awake for 26+ hours!

To make it more tough, majority of the riding would have to be done in dark (3:30am start from Delhi and 8-9 pm start from Kalka).

Oh well, time to stop talking and start riding…


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