Backing up photos online

As a hobbyist photographer, I always try to capture my memories through photographs and videos. However with the amount of traveling I do and amount of photographs I take, managing and preserving these photographs becomes a serious issue.

For example, photographs from my three Ladakh trips contain nearly three thousand photographs and videos, and take up almost 3 GB of space. In total I have roughly 35 GBs worth of photographs on my computer and that is after I lost 16 GBs worth of photographs in a hard drive crash couple of years back.

While that hard drive crash (both the hard drives had a hard crash) did bring some sense into my head and I started backing up photographs in DVDs, I always felt it is not enough and I need to take offsite backups to ensure my photographs remain safe and secure.

Today in the first attempt to realize that goal, I have signed up for a free account with Xdrive. The free account I signed up for, comes with 5 GB of storage space, which although is not enough for my entire photograph collection, but should be able to preserve a few special ones.

In the meantime I’ll be looking at a few paid solutions, which would enable me to upload my entire collection of photographs and at the same time wouldn’t burn a large hole in my pocket.

How do you backup your photographs? Do share your secrets and tips with me.


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