Most amazing photographs of Ladakh

When I got an email from Prabhu, thanking me for helping him plan his trip and with a link to his Ladakh Photo Gallery, I had no idea that I would end up spending the next hour, gawking at those photographs!

Not only has Prabhu managed to capture the raw and virgin beauty of Ladakh, he has managed to present it in a manner which makes it even more enchanting!

In fact after going through the photographs he has clicked, I was not only admiring his dedication and talent, I was actually cursing myself for not being half as dedicated as him. These photographs truly are amongst the best or should I say, best photographs of Ladakh I have seen.

If you have ever wondered whether or not going to Ladakh is worth the pain, please go through Prabhu’s Ladakh Photo Gallery and I am sure you will get you answer.

Prabhu, hats off to you bro 🙂


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